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{Fan Art Fridays} Fan Art Friday is Tattoo Tuesday Today!

While at work tonight, a customer overheard me giztatdiscussing Gremlins with another employee, and he showed his love for our favorite film series with this awesome tattoo! This already is looking great, and it it isn’t even done yet!
Not only did I discover fellow Gremlins fans that frequent my store, I got to meet one hardcore enough to have Giz on his shoulder! That is quite the nice Christmas surprise!

Patrick Seymour’s ‘Gremlins’.

Check out this blog entry on some stunningly detailed Gremlins fan art works.

DJ Storm's Blog

df4c50ee40b2d7af3e4b2b8414e9e382There haven’t been many cult classics that have disturbed youth and humored 80’s adults since Joe Dante’s ‘Gremlins’.  The odd tale of a little creature who lives a life by very specific rules has become a small staple in American culture since 1984.  30 years later in 2014, digital artist Patrick Seymour has used his skills to re-invent the protagonist and antagonist of the film.  Check out his visualizations of Gizmo and Stripe below.



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[Fan Art] New Fan Art?! Awesome!

Hidden deep within my attachments folder, I discovered a fantastic piece of fan art submitted by Aurel McNitro, a french designer who has an incredibly unique take on Gremlins and monster battles! What do you think?


Check out the detail in the rubble! A few neat little nods are hidden within…
Thanks for the submission Aurel, and we hope to see more soon!
Don’t forget to visit his site over at for more great art!

{Fan Art Friday} Gizmo, Hider in Helmets

Heyas All!

Just a quick update for this week’s Fan Art Friday, brought to us by Greg H, who is a long time Gremlins fan through his childhood and adult life. He also maintains a site that I hope to link to in the near future and drew this awesome picture for us!

Click on the picture go get a better view

Thanks again Greg for sending this in and everyone keep sending in the rad artwork!

The 3G Art Show. Goonies, Ghostbusters and Gremlins!

This is a truly incredible art show, and I plan on getting more information about it as I can.

If anyone is planning on heading to the show please let me know ASAP so we can figure something out to get some first hand pictures or information.


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