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{Gremlins 3 News} ‘Gremlins’ Reboot Will Be ‘A Completely Different Direction’

Thanks to a tip from Andre Meadows (of Black Nerd Comedy fame, check him out!)gremlin3q.gif it looks like the latest tidbit of news on the “New Gremlins Film” front comes from MTV News of all places.

The full article is here over at has Gremlins screenwriter Chris Columbus stating:

“Oh, god, a completely different direction,” Columbus continued. “It’s not a remake of the first movie at all. Because the first movie’s very dear to my heart.”

That means not only will we get the same mogwai mischief, it also means that even 25 years later, you don’t want to feed them after midnight.

“It’s the same universe, the same rules, same Gremlins, but not the same,” Columbus added. “There’s elements of it. What I’ve learned — I haven’t even seen ’Star Wars’ — but what I’ve learned in the trailer is, people want to stay connected to what they fell in love with. So when I saw Harrison Ford and Chewie, I was like… I had tears in my eyes, and I think everyone collectively across the world geeked out at that moment.”

What does this mean?

Honestly, not a whole lot yet again. We know Warner Bros wants to make a new film, but a lot of stars have to align to get any movie made, let alone one of the most unique film franchises of the 80’s and 90’s . So we know there is some kind of progress, but how much? Is this just Chris trying to hype up the idea of a new film? His “Force Awakens” analogy is curious and somewhat hopeful but at the same time we don’t want to have fan service just for the sake of fan service. What if that was the only scene Chewie and Han were in in the new trilogy? Just a 5 second cameo, to make the fanboys happy. Obviously this isn’t the case, but sadly Zach and Phoebe don’t have the same effect the general populace of gasping in nerd-tastic excitement.

Chris Columbus, Joe Dante and Stephen Spielberg truly love the Gremlins franchise, this is obvious since there hasn’t been a million direct-to-video sequels starring once-relevant stars and barely having the creatures at all until the final scenes. They haven’t just sold the rights off unconditionally for a few bucks like many would have with such a difficult franchise as Gremlins. Let’s hope they keep the love for the franchise a bit longer while the Hollywood machine does its thing.

We have waited 25 years from the last Gremlins film, we can wait a few more until the next one.

Warner Bros Hires Goosebumps film writer to script Gremlins Remake/Reboot

Hey folks!

Not a whole lot to see here, but it looks like WB is trying to get things rolling with a new writer for the long-delayed Gremlins film that really, we know pretty much nothing about.

As usual, Spielberg has veto power on these things so it is possible that he simply will say “no” after reading a finished draft and we will be back to square one. Then again, it could be fantastic. We need a new generation of Gremlins Fans to get into the series and something less scary than Gremlins but more intense than Gremlins 2 could be appropriate. After watching Joe Dante’s “The Hole” I know that family-friendly horror/adventure films can still be done, but that genre is far from the moneymaker it was 30 years ago….

Full story here:

I have reached out to Warner Bros for comment on the story but have not heard back yet. I will be sure to update this if anything comes up.

And now….Portuguese Gremlins!!

From Community Season 6 Episode 2:

Community Season 6 Episode 2 Features a great Gremlins Parody!!!

Community, a much-beloved, and often canceled comedy series has returned tonight with two new episodes, and an interesting parody of Gremlins in the second episode.

Without spoiling the details until more people have had a chance to watch it, the Gremlins moments are uproariously funny and fit the show perfectly.

Welcome back community…
For those who haven’t seen it, the epsiode is available here:

I will most likely be adding details and screenshots in the next few days as more people get a chance to see the episode.

In the meantime, tell me what you thought in the comments below!

Fantastic Gremlins Commentary with Zach Galligan and the Movie Crypt Crew

You do not want to miss this wonderful commentary/podcast by the Movie Crypt featuring Zach Galligan. Zach goes on many tangents that give you a whole new perspective on the 1984 film. The commentary is much more laid-back than the 25th anniversary commentary, and goes a bit more into his personal feelings and experiences on-set and how everything came about.

Check it out at the link below!


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