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Key & Peele Take On Gremlins 2!!!

Now THIS is exciting!

Comedians Key & Peele who have tackled such subjects as racism, politics, and everything in-between have taken on the insanity of GREMLINS 2: The New Batch! They even got the mannerisms and style of Joe Dante down pat, which is truly a show of love. Kudos.

Check it out at the link below and let me know what you think!

Joe Dante even had to comment on Twitter:

The wonderful thing is it is clear that the writers have a fondness for Gremlins and aren’t afraid to go back to a 25 year old movie for a modern skit show. Fantastic!

Trading? Protect yourself!

This is a bit of a Public Service Announcement to the Gremlins community at large.

Recently there have been a few individuals who have attempted to scam other users by using other peoples’ photos as their own, sometimes acquired off ebay or other public trade posts.

Simple suggestions to keep you safe while trading for those rare Gremlins collectibles:

*When possible, use a reputed site like eBay when purchasing items.

*If you are doing an online trade, request pictures with some kind of proof, like a hand written note with the date or a certain message along with the photos of the product. This won’t necessarily protect you from someone who has no intent to send you your items, but it at least tells you they have the items they say they do.

*Don’t be afraid to get references from other traders in your community.

Essentially it all comes down to using common sense and doing some research to  protect yourself.
I don’t want to see fellow Gremlins fans get scammed out of their hard-earned Gremlins collectibles or money!

{Gremlins 3/Reboot News} Chris Columbus Comments on Goonies & Gremlins 3

Screencrush has reported that Chris Columbus, writer of the 1984 Gremlins film, claims that Gremlins 3 and Goonies 2 are ingremlin3q.gif “Heavy Development”.(Whatever that means)

From their article:

“The stuff that I’m involved with — the Gremlins and Goonies reboots, for instance — they would do that without me. So, I’m staying involved just so I can be protective and actually protect what people love about those movies so it doesn’t go off track.”

What this really means is not clear, nor has there been any further details on the project but at least there is hope.
While I would like to get excited by this, instead I find myself weary of every snippet of news that comes down the pipeline for this film, as every few months we hear either it is “Shelved Indefinitely” or it is “On The Fast Track”.

I think most Gremlins fans will agree we would rather wait for a quality new film rather than some forced direct-to-dvd cash-in that would bury the franchise.

Actor Rick Ducommun, the Security Guard from Gremlins 2 has passed away.

It is unfortunate posting another passing in such short time after Sir Christopher Lee, but that is how life goes, and I hope that this little post helps more people remember and rediscover a very funny actor that many people didn’t know by name.
30Another actor who has entertained millions, though few may remember his name, has passed away. Rick Ducommun is known as “that guy with the nasally voice” in many films such as Gremlins 2, Scary Movie and of course, The ‘Burbs. In Gremlins 2 he had a small part where he played the security guard who managed to stop Billy from shutting off the Clamp water supply and was attacked by Daffy.

Sir Christopher Lee has passed away.

Sir Christopher Lee, veteran of countless films, has passed away today at the age of 93. While there are undoubtedly many memorials for him online, this is just one fan’s way of saying “Thanks” to a screen legend that played everything from Dracula to a mad scientist that inadvertently allows our favorite Gremlins to mutate.

We will miss you, Dr. Catheter.

Did you know that Gremlins 2: The New Batch was Sir Christopher Lee’s 200th film? What a fitting accomplishment for it being such a unique commentary on the medium.


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