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Medicom Gremlins figurines in the wild!



The new UDF (Ultra Detail Figures) are available at your favorite Gremlins retailer!

Stay tuned to Gremlins Online for unboxing and more!

Coming Soon! NEW Medicom Gremlins and Mogwai!

Big Bad Toy Store has listed some new Gremlins figurines for pre-order. Each is 10.99 and there is no further information known. What do you think of the designs?


Gremlins Online Exclusive! Upcoming Gremlins Figurines by Medicom and Be@rBrick

In the newest issue of Previews, which just hit your local comic/hobby shop today, they have solicitations for not one but TWO new Gremlins 2-packs are being released in May of this year! 

First up is a 2-Pack by Be@rBrick of Gizmo & Stripe.
“Spike” mistake in the description not withstanding, this is extremely exciting. Be@rbrick is known for highly collectible miniature figurines, and these will be sought after by both Gremlins Collectors and Be@rbrick collectors alike.

Next are these awesome new Kubrick figurines by Medicom…after the break….
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