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Gremlins 3


Gremlins 3

Current Status: Very early Scriptwriting stage.
Probability: Reboot/Remake Very Likely, Direct sequel very improbable. (4/17/18)
Release Projection:  None currently (4/17/18)

After the popularity of the first two gremlins films, many people have talked about a Gremlins 3, mainly due to the open-ended finale of Gremlins 2. Throughout the years, there have been waves of rumors and news regarding the third film in the cult classic franchise, and it can become daunting for a gremlins fan to sort out the fact from the fiction.

This is where Gremlins Online comes in.

I have done my best to compile all the Gremlins 3 news that has been out there over the years, and source as much as possible. There are considerable gaps, but that should be resolved as I go through my archives. Keep in mind, as well, that while things have been said by people involved, things may change, so rumor could become fact, and vice versa. Anything goes when it comes to Hollywood.

Please note: Wikipedia and other sites are not official sources of information, and will not be sourced on this site. Only verifiable information discovered by Gremlins Online first hand or publicly discussed information (Such as in interviews or press releases) is considered confirmed. Anything else is strictly rumor.

Gremlins 3 News & Rumor Summary

-Cast & Crew Happenings

  • Chris Columbus, who wrote the original Gremlins film, said in an interview with that a new Gremlins film will “Almost Definitely” be a reboot. (4/16/2018) (source)
  • Zach Galligan recently confirmed he filmed an extensive interview for the “definitive edition” of Gremlins for the 30th anniversary blu-ray release. – 1/17/2014 (source)
  • Ain’t It Cool news reports that Joe Dante is working on a new film titled “Burying The Ex”. This pretty much cements his non-involvement in a Gremlins 3 or Reboot in the near future. – 12/5/13 (source)


  • Deadline reports that “goosebumps” scribe has been tapped to write the next installment of Gremlins (Source)
  • Series director Joe Dante yet again explains that there is no movement on Gremlins 3  or a remake at the moment, however he would be “flattered” if they wanted him to direct a new entry. – 7/12/11 (source)
  • Series director Joe Dante once again explains his stance on Gremlins 3 and explains that “There are no plans in the offing” for Gremlins 3 – 9/9/10 (source)
  • Series director Joe Dante reiterated his stance that he will be in no way associated with a Gremlins 3 Project. – 4/28/09 (source)
  • Series star Zach Galligan has commented that “In a way, yes. That is all I can say right now.” regarding renewed new studio interest in a possible Gremlins 3 – 9/2/08 (source)
  • There have been various scripts and ideas for Gremlins 3, but nothing is concrete.
  • Director Joe Dante has no interest in a Gremlins film with CGI Gremlins –  2/5/07 & 10/6/07 (source)
  • Producer Mike Finnell will not be involved in a direct-to-video Gremlins film – (source) 2/5/07
  • Actor Zach Galligan has not heard official word of a Gremlins 3 – (source) 2/7/07

-Current Unconfirmed Rumors:

  • A New Gremlins movie will be taking a cue from Jurassic World and be an indirect continuation, not a reboot or true sequel. (This is listed as rumor due to Zach Galligan stating no one has contacted him regarding a new film and these are just his personal thoughts. Many mainstream outlets have picked up his statements as fact.) (Source)
  • Ain’t It Cool News reports that a Gremlins Reboot is “Moving Quickly” at WB. (Source) 4/5/14
  • Bloody-Disgusting reports that WB is finally moving forward with a Gremlins reboot with Seth Grahame-Smith & David Katzenberg as producers. (Source) 5/13/2013
  • Vulture reports that there are serious talks of a Gremlins Reboot in the near future. (Source) 1/16/2013
  • Gremlins 3 will be filmed in 3-D after the success of films such as Avatar and Disney’s Up. -(source) 1/2010

-False Rumors:

  • Gremlins 3: The Takeover is the title for the film (completely untrue as there is nothing happening regarding the film) – 7/2011
  • The film is under development and will be released direct-to-video through Warner Premiere – 2/2007
  • The movie will be made after Goonies 2 and Scooby-Doo 3, and all three will be direct to video. – 2/2007
  • Rob Lowe will star in Gremlins 3 – First rumor January 1999, Resurfaced 2001
  • Stephen Berkoff will star in Gremlins 3 – July 2001
  • Brian Lynch will be directing Gremlins 3 – August 2000
  • Dreamworks will be releasing Gremlins 3 – January 1999
  • The popularity of Furbies and their similarity to Mogwai have caused development on Gremlins 3. – January 1999
  • Gremlins 3: Hatched is the title of  the new gremlins film
    (Gremlins 3: Hatched was simply the title for a fan story and fan made trailer)

Gremlins 3 News

4/8/15 – Rumor/Official – Deadline reports that “goosebumps” scribe has been tapped to write the next installment of Gremlins, but there is no estimated release date or production date. Christopher Columbus and Stephen Spielberg will produce.  (Source)

12/5/13 – Official/Related Crew/Cast Happenings – Ain’t It Cool news reports that Joe Dante is working on a new film titled “Burying The Ex”  which he is using FundAnything, a crowdsourcing service to complete. This pretty much cements his non-involvement in a Gremlins 3 or Reboot in the near future. If he were to join a Gremlins project in any hands-on manner it would likely not begin until at least 2015 at the earliest, putting any Dante-Helmed Gremlins feature out of the 30 year anniversary window.  ( source )

5/13/13 – Rumor/Official – Bloody-Disgusting reports that WB is finally moving forward with a Gremlins reboot with Seth Grahame-Smith & David Katzenberg as producers.

Bloody Disgusting has exclusively learned that Warner Bros. is officially moving ahead with a remake of Amblin’s 1984 Gremlins, instead of the long gestured sequel.

While a hunt is on for a director, Seth Grahame-Smith has been tapped to produce alongside David Katzenberg. Smith wroteDark Shadows for Tim Burton, and recently completed his draft for the studio’s next Beetlejuice. He also penned Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for Fox.

No word if Smith will also write this new take on the Steven Spielberg-produced Gremlins.

NOTE: Until there is further confirmation from involved individuals or WB themselves, this will be treated as rumor. We all know how things in hollywood tend to go.

1/16/13 – Rumor – reports that there are serious talks about a Gremlins reboot/remake in the near future at WB.

Our sources tell us that, in keeping with Hollywood’s mandated pop culture recycling program, Warner Bros. Pictures is negotiating with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment to reboot their 1984 horror comedy, Gremlins.

7/6/12 – Interview – Uk site interviewed Zach Galligan around the time of the Gremlins 2 Blu-Ray release, and he comments a bit on Gremlins 3, nothing new or earth-shattering but it is always nice to hear more information directly from those involved in the films.

7/12/11 – Official/Speculation – Entertainment Weekly interviewed Joe Dante and mentioned Gremlins 3, where he reiterates there is no movement on the film but he would be “flattered” to be asked to return. This is a slight change from what he has said regarding directing it in the past. The rest of his comments remain the same as we have been hearing for many years now. He also mentions that he thinks “they have moved on”.

(Asked if there is any news on Gremlins 3)
No. Every so often I call Warner Bros. and say, “You guys doing anything with this?” And they always say, “No.” There was a period a couple of years ago when I think they were working on something but that fell through. I don’t know. They didn’t really understand the first movie, so I think they’re having trouble figuring out what to do, especially with the change in special effects. The first movies were defined by the technique that we used, which is now out of date. Now, with CGI anything can happen, so it’s difficult to focus the story onto something that’s going to have a point. So rather than being No. 3, I would think they would just go back to the beginning and remake it.

(Asked if he would be interested in doing Gremlins 3)

Well, that’s fine. It would be very flattering if they came to me and said, “Would you like to be involved?” But I have a feeling that they’ve moved on.

9/9/10 – Official/Speculation – IGN reports thatJoe Dante claims there are “no plans in the offing” for a third Gremlins movie (source)

“There are no plans in the offing to do another Gremlins movie” he revealed. “I think that because of the CGI situation and the fact that you can now do anything when you make a movie… the originalfilms were limited by the scope of what we could do technically, and that’s what the movies became about. Now it’s so wide-open, you can almost do anything, and I don’t think they’ve got a handle on what kind of movie it would be.”

4/29/09 – Official/Speculation –Joe Dante restated his position on a third Gremlins film in an interview with bloody disgusting. (source)

Dante was pretty resolute that he won’t be involved in a third film. “They did that once, they won’t do it again,” Dante told BD, laughing. “They made that mistake once. Its a moot point, they won’t be coming to me.” (Laughs) “I can tell you that for a fact.

When asked to elaborate, Dante only grinned, saying, “I don’t have to. See Looney Tunes: Back in Action and I think that will explain it. That was not a pleasant experience.

Still, Dante believes GREMLINS 3 will happen one of these days, whether he’s involved or not. “I find it hard to believe that they won’t make a GREMLINS 3 because they’re remaking ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING. I mean, they’re gonna remake everything.

9/06/08 – Official/Speculation – On Zach Galligan’s personal blog, he commented on the phenominal work of Sacha Feiner’s Gremlins clips, and has this to say on 9/2/08: (source)

People have been asking me lately if I’ve seen the BT spot that features gremlins. I have, and you can see it But be sure to watch the jaw-dropping, hard-to-believe-but-true “Making Of” clip here. I guarantee you, you won’t forget it.

People have also been asking if the tremendous response to the spot in the UK has in any way given momentum to future Gremlins projects, including a possible Gremlins 3.

The answer to that question is: in a way, yes. That’s all I can say right now.

Additionally, a young man named Sacha Feiner has created one of the most astounding Gremlins clips ever. It really defies description, so if you’re a fan, you can watch it

And yes, I can tell you that the people responsible for Gremlins have seen it too, and are pretty darn impressed.

That is all.

10/06/07 – Official/Rumor – A reader of Gremlins Online spoke with Joe Dante at a screening of Matinee & Gremlins 2 in  San Fransico, who explains that he hasn’t heard anything, and he probably will not have anything to do with it. (This is classified as Official/Rumor, simply because it is in line with what Dante has been saying for about 8 years now, but the report is unverifiable.)

“Just talked to Joe Dante yesterday (10/6/07) and asked about GREMLINS 3. He said there is nothing happening as far as he knows. He also mentioned that it is extremely unlikely he will have anything to do with it, if it does happen. So, there you go, from the man himself after a screening of MATINEE and GREMLINS 2 here in San Francisco, at the Castro theater. :)”

2/07/07 – Official – Gremlins Online spoke with Gremlins star Zach Galligan regarding Gremlins 3, who has not been contacted about the film at all, nor has heard anything more than the fans have. Thank you Zach for keeping us updated!

“[I] Don’t know anything about Gremlins 3.
I do think it would be a mistake to do a straight to video film. Why would a big company like WB do that to a
fairly successful franchise? It doesn’t make sense to me. A big budget
remake would seem to make more sense.

2/07/07 – reports that after speaking with “a source” at Warner Bros, there is a lot of talk about a Gremlins 3 through Warner Premiere, the new Direct-To-DVD department of Warner Brothers.

“The talk has been going on for quite some time” “I think that’s all it is at the moment. Talk. I know [name removed] has a pretty full slate over at Premiere – they’re looking at doing direct to video sequels to Scooby Doo and The Goonies, and as you mentioned, Premiere are soon to start production on The Lost Boys 2 and New Jack City 2 – so won’t be in any rush. “

“ isn’t possible to do anything on the budget of those [DTV sequels], and to be half decent, this thing would have to have a bit of money behind it, so I don’t think one can safely say it’ll definitely end up one of the titles on the Warner Premiere slate, but I believe its a consideration”.

2/05/07 – Official – Joe Dante and Michael Finnell have added fuel to the fire by mentioning it is in talks for a Direct-to-DVD production during an interview with Empire Magazine. However, neither of them expressed any interest to be involved in a GCI direct-to-video gremlins movie.

they [WB] might do a low-budget direct-to-DVD version” – Michael Finnel, Producer

Gremlins was governed by the technology that produced it. Now it would be CGI, and you could do anything. There may be places for the jokes to go. But you’ve got a company who owns the rights to a movie that they don’t quite understand. I think it’s going to be difficult for them to make another one”.  – Joe Dante, Director

8/14/06 – Official – In an interview with Joe Dante sheds some light on the possibility of a Gremlins 3. (interview)

(This is Joe’s response to the question “Will there ever be a Gremlins 3?”)
“Gremlins 3! Well, I’m sure there will be one. I know I won’t have anything to do with it. They won’t ask me. But the goal with “Gremlins 2” was to make sure there wouldn’t be a “Gremlins 3”. If there is a “Gremlins 3” they’re welcome to it. ““I think what’s holding it up is that they can’t conceive of what to do because the first movies were defined by the technology, it was what the puppets could do and do well and not do and that’s what the movies became. Now you could do anything with CGI so the field is so open that nobody could focus on what exactly it should be. I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing it.” – Joe Dante, Director

8/20/2002 – Official– had an interview with Joe Dante regarding Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and he addressed the Gremlins 3 rumors that have been floating around

There’s no CG in the movie and now with the advent of CG, they could do anything you could think of. We were always limited in our story by what we knew we could get away with, so we didn’t have them doing a lot of stuff that was impossible. Now, with CG, I think the sky’s the limit.

I’ve understood that they [Warner Bros.] have actually made efforts at scripts and every so often I read an odd item in columns that says, ‘Oh, so and so is working on Gremlins 3 but then I check it with other people and they say no, it’s not true. I can’t imagine that it isn’t somewhere in their pile of unmade movies.”

9/06/2000 – OfficialAin’t it cool news reports the rumor that Brian Lynch will be directing Gremlins 3 is completely false.

“…the Gremlins 3 rumor is false. Very false. The product of a warped mind. Nightcrawlers, on the other hand, is coming along swimmingly. If you liked Goonies or Ghostbusters or Big Bad Momma 2, this is the movie for you. It’ll have the folks over at Monsters, Inc. shaking in their pussy CGI boots.” – Brian Lynch

9/05/2000 – Rumor – A quick post by Ain’t it cool news has spread the word that there is a Gremlins 3 in the works at Warner Brothers and Brian Lynch will be in the director’s chair. The info was sent in an email to Harry at Ain’t it cool News.

Hey Harry, love your site.

I work at Warner Brothers (I’m just a fly on the wall, a monkey in the wrench here) and I overheard some of the suits discussing plans to revive the Gremlins franchise with a third installment. Apparently, they’re talking with Brian Lynch (who sold his spec script “The Next Muppet Movie” to Henson) to write a script and possibly even direct. From what I understand, the execs were very pleased with the work Mr. Lynch did on Nightcrawlers, his script the WB recently picked up. Also, it seems that Mr. Lynch is an enormous Gremlins fan so this will be a dream job for him.

Sad news is that Joe Dante will not be involved with Gremlins 3 in any capacity.

I can assure you that Gremlins 3 is definitly on the drawing boards over here at the WB. We can only hope that Brian Lynch will do the first two classic entries in the series justice.

John McClane keeping it safe tonight

6/07/1999 – Official – Joe Dante writes Ain’t It Cool News, informing the world about his lack of involvement in the rumored Gremlins 3. For now, Gremlins 3 is just a rumor and a hope. Nothing more.

Harry—just read your Lowe-down on Gremlins 3! Needless to say, it’s news to me. Never met Rob Lowe. Glad he’s working, but nobody said anything to me about another (God help us!) Gremlins movie. Maybe they knew better.

Best, Joe Dante

6/05/1999 – Rumor– As reported by Ain’t It Cool News, Rob Lowe, while on CNN’s Hollywood Show, made a short comment mentioning his next film after Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me would be none other than Gremlins 3, and it will be helmed by the legendary director of the first two films: Joe Dante.
This is unconfirmed as there has not been any official word on Gremlins 3 actually being made, so it will be categorized as rumor at this point.

1/29/1999 – Rumor – Magazine Entertainment Weekly reports on the huge success of furby and its similarity to a mogwai  may lead to Gremlins 3.

Furby Rides Again –
‘Will Warner Bros. use Furbymania to stage a Gremlins comeback’
After the studio and Amblin Entertainment, which produced the 1984 hit, took exception to Furby’s resemblance to Gizmo (the film’s cuddly hero), legal action was averted when toy maker Hasbro agreed to compensate Warner Bros. and, say studio insiders, promised to produce a Gremlins Furby. A spokesperson for Hasbro’s Tiger Electronics says there’s been talk of the doll but couldn’t confirm a deal. The insiders say that strong sales of a Gremlins Furby could spark a revival of the film franchise. Furby is rumored to be headed for its own TV show, and should the premise prove too Gremlins-like, the flap could continue.

1/21/1999 – RumorAin’t it Cool News reports that Dreamworks may be going forward with Gremlins 3, but there is no official word and it seems unlikely as Joe Dante is doing a different project, and this may be just a byproduct of the Furby/Gremlins issue.

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