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{Fan Art Fridays} Fan Art Friday is Tattoo Tuesday Today!

While at work tonight, a customer overheard me giztatdiscussing Gremlins with another employee, and he showed his love for our favorite film series with this awesome tattoo! This already is looking great, and it it isn’t even done yet!
Not only did I discover fellow Gremlins fans that frequent my store, I got to meet one hardcore enough to have Giz on his shoulder! That is quite the nice Christmas surprise!


Rambling Stuffs, Fan Submissions and Win Gremlins on DVD!

Hey folks, hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas or whatever you may celebrate, free of being given vicious little monsters for presents.

I have been running around like a Gremlin with its head cut off between work and taking care of things around the house, a

nd just got knocked out of duty by a killer cold. While I am sure you are not interested in my health status and hyperbolically imminent demise, just thought you might like to know why I haven’t updated in a month.

However, Friend Of Gremlins Online, The Black Nerd, Andre Meadows, once again comes to the rescue and saves me from

actually having to post content, and instead show off his awesome videos! This time he is giving away 4 copies of Gremlins on DVD!

Just watch the video to find out how to win! It seems pretty easy, and I would love someone from Gremlins Online to win…I mean come on, you guys are the most awesome gremlins fans out there so you should naturally get free DVDs and stuff for simply existing. Plus we are all keeping the hope alive for a Gremlins 3 in the future so that right there is more than enough qualification to win DVDs and books and lotteries and everything else neat out there.

Apparently the cold meds are kicking in and I am obviously rambling on and on, just maybe making a little less sense than I usually do, so I should probably end this post.  So of course, I won’t.  (More info plus stuff about “fan submissions” after the jump)

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{Fan Art Friday} Gizmo, Hider in Helmets

Heyas All!

Just a quick update for this week’s Fan Art Friday, brought to us by Greg H, who is a long time Gremlins fan through his childhood and adult life. He also maintains a site that I hope to link to in the near future and drew this awesome picture for us!

Click on the picture go get a better view

Thanks again Greg for sending this in and everyone keep sending in the rad artwork!

New Gremlins Fan Art!

This was scheduled to be posted Friday but somehow got lost somewhere on the internets.

Heyas all! I received a few more submissions for the oft-neglected Fan Art Friday, so I thought I would share a few with you all. Be sure to click on the images for the “embiggened versions”.

These are both done by Greg Parker, and are a great example of how people are still huge gremlins fans even 25 years after the release of the first film!
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{Fan Art Friday} New Fan Art Submissions!

Heyas all!

Just a small update showing some cool fan art by one of our younger readers known as “Gizmo Lover” to most of you.

More after the break!

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