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The Ride



Gremlin Invasion

What is Gremlin Invasion?
That is a question that has been asked by gremlins fans worldwide.
Gremlins Invasion is a ride at Warner Brothers Movie World Germany, and finding information on it has been something of a challenge.
Thankfully there have recently been some discoveries on various details, and here we will do our best to share that with you.

This section of Gremlins Online is still under extensive construction, so check back often to see what develops!

Latest update: 7/24/2017 – minor detail updates

Check out:  Back To The Ride – Roy F’s Impressions of the Gremlin Invasion ride

Ride Summary




The ride begins with you and your fellow visitors filing into a special car to watch some outakes from various Warner Bros films, hosted by none other than ALF himself.


Your theatrical experience is cut short, however, as the gremlins are on the loose! ALF tells you that you can escape through the WB film archives and Gizmo is here to help you get out of this nightmare.


As you ride through the archives, the gremlins are all over the place some spoofing scenes from Warner Bros. movies, others just causing general gremliny chaos.
Things keep getting worse, the gremlins start destroying the original prints of Warner Bros. most famous films, and the legendary sets from our favorite movies!
Things look bleak, but just when you think you are forever trapped by the little green beasties, Gizmo and ALF find a “Shocking” way to eliminate the Gremlins and save the day!


More Photos

gremlins_country.jpg gremlins_pirats.jpg gremlins5.jpg gremlins6.jpg

Videos  (Updated with New FULL ride! 7/24/2017)

Here it is folks, the big one, the full ride including the bloopers reel that gets “interrupted” by gremlins. The ride takes a lot of liberties with the gremlins lore, but it is awesome to see in it’s full glory! Thanks to Roy for sending this in!
(if anyone can download the file please send it to me and I will update the page with a direct download link)

Thanks to Je-B who translated ALF from the beginning of the video: “I’ll now take you to a safe place through the film archive. Please don’t touch the film reels. These are the only surviving copies of 6000 Warner Bros. films.”
This video was originally posted on Gremlins Online on January 9, 2007 (Theis video no longer is functional as of 1/7/2011)

Another video clip of the ride. Thanks to Tomas for the submission!


Behind The Scenes Info

The ride was originally located in two WB Movie World theme parks, Germany and Australia, opening in 1996 and 1991, respectively. The Australian ride was removed to make way for a Scooby-Doo ride based off of the film in mid 2001.

Official Info from Warner Bros Movie World:
(Dates from

The Great Gremlins Adventure
AKA Gremlin Invasion

Warner Bros Movie World Australia
Opened: June 3 1991
Closed: 2001 due to pending retrofit for Scooby-Doo ride.

The Great Gremlins Adventure starts harmlessly. Seated in a comfortable screening room, you’ll see some of Hollywood’s funniest out-takes – the bits that didn’t make it onto the silver screen. But suddenly something goes wrong and everyone must evacuate! Gremlins have taken over! Prepare for an escape through the backroom film vaults. But watch out! There are 56 Gremlins on the loose!

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65 responses to “The Ride

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  2. Steve Rogers May 12, 2014 at 9:25 am

    Both parks did NOT open in 1991

    The Australian park and Gremlin ride opened in 1991 but the park and ride in Germany opened in 1996

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  4. Vinnie September 26, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Yeah i remember this ride from Movie World Australia. Instead of Alf there was a full size animatronic Betelgeuse.
    The Gremlins were destroying all the film equipment, starting fires, pulling down walls and shelves and things.

    Its now the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster.

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