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Sir Christopher Lee has passed away.

Sir Christopher Lee, veteran of countless films, has passed away today at the age of 93. While there are undoubtedly many memorials for him online, this is just one fan’s way of saying “Thanks” to a screen legend that played everything from Dracula to a mad scientist that inadvertently allows our favorite Gremlins to mutate.

We will miss you, Dr. Catheter.

Did you know that Gremlins 2: The New Batch was Sir Christopher Lee’s 200th film? What a fitting accomplishment for it being such a unique commentary on the medium.

Bloody-Disgusting with a neat little article on Why Gremlins 2 is a Masterpiece….

Check out this piece from Bloody-Disgusting, the author explains 5 of his reasons that Gremlins 2: The New Batch is a Masterpiece. Quite a statement regarding a very frequently maligned film that some feel killed the Gremlins as we knew them forever, while others feel that it is a fantastic satire of the 90s and movies in general….What do you think? Read the article and comment below!

Gremlins 2 invades the Ain’t It Cool Behind the scenes pic of the day!

Gremlins 2 invades the Ain’t It Cool Behind the scenes pic of the day!

Awesome behind the scenes shot of the Hero Gizmo puppet, and some kind words from AICN staffer “Quint”. 

Gremlins 3 Remake? Reboot? Sequel?

There has been a lot of rumors and discussion regarding Gremlins 3 actually being a remake or reboot instead of a sequel, and looking at the current Hollywood climate, it sure seems likely, but why?

Logically a remake would attract more theatregoers than Gremlins 3 would.
Fans of the gremlins franchise will see anything Gremlins in the theatre, be it Gremlins 3 or a remake/reboot. So those are guaranteed customers and do not factor in to the math.

However, as it has been nearly 20 years since we have last seen Gremlins in any form (commercials, games,  and DVD releases not withstanding) there is an entire generation of potential ticket sales that have never even seen Gremlins in the media.  Those customers are unlikely to see a sequel to a movie they never have seen before. Sure some might rent the previous films but they frankly do not have the legacy that other long-dormant movie franchises (like Ghostbusters) do.

Let’s try it this way:

Say there are a million people who are guaranteed ticket sales. They love the previous movies, and would absolutely see a new one in the theatre, regardless of it being a reboot or sequel.

Remake: 1 Million
Sequel: 1 Million

Now let’s take the rest of the moviegoing poulation, and pretend it is 10 million more people. They are undecided.

Undecided: 10m
Remake: 1m
Sequel: 1m

Of that 10m undecided a good number are going to be under the age of 18, as most people who make up the bulk of ticket sales are youth. Let’s number them at 7 Million.

Undecided Adults: 3m
Undecided Youth: 7m
Remake: 1m
Sequel: 1m

Here is where we diverge.

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INCREDIBLE! Gremlins Fan Sequence Finished!

Here it is, it is finally ready to be shown to the world!

As has been mentioned before, one of our readers, Sacha Feiner, has ben hard at work making this beyond amazing fan sequence!

Before we get to the video, please let me reiterate, this is a FAN MADE VIDEO, this has absolutely no relation to anything official on Gremlins 3 or any of the Gremlins films.

This sequence is meant to take place during the “movie break” scene in Gremlins 2, since there was a series of scenes in this slot in the VHS and Theatre versions, but never one for the DVD releases.


I hope to get an interview with Sacha after he returns from his trip to Japan.

If you have any questions, please put them in the comments and I will ask him when I can!

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