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Digital Spy looks at the stars of Gremlins 30 years later

Digitalspy has put up a “Where are they now” for the cast of Gremlins since it has been 30 years since the original film released. Check it out here:

While most of the information is accurate, it doesn’t mention a few points like Glynn Turman’s role in the cult-favorite “John Dies At The End” or the Back To The future/Gremlins connections. Of course they manage to sneak in a jab at Corey Feldman’s past drug problems, and we are reminded yet again of how much the world lost an incredibly versatile talent in Hoyt Axton (Rand Peltzer in Gremlins)

This sadly seems to be more than Warner Bros has been doing to promote Gremlins’ 30th anniversary, and considering the delays on the 30th anniversary edition Gremlins Blu-Ray in some territories, it certainly feels to some fans that Gremlins is nowhere near the priority they feel it should be.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to longtime reader and contributor Aelia P. for the tip on this article! Check out her fantastic art at

All The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day has to do is eat three or four children and there’d be the most appalling publicity.

Ain’t It Cool News has put up a new Behind-The-Scenes Pic Of the day featuring Christopher Lee, better known to Gremlins fans as the mad scientist Dr. Catheter in Gremlins 2: The New Batch!

Awesome hi-rez pic!

Amazing how so many legends have worked on screen and off in the Gremlins films!

Toy Fair 2011: NECA Lets A New Batch Of GREMLINS Loose! – News – GeekTyrant

Toy Fair 2011: NECA Lets A New Batch Of GREMLINS Loose! – News – GeekTyrant.

Just some more pics from ToyFair 2011 back in February! Still no word on release for these awesome new toys.

Gremlins In Los Angeles?

Hey everyone!

A Friend Of Gremlins Online, Andre “The Black Nerd ” Meadows just put up his newest Black Nerd Comedy video, which is about one night around Midnight in Los Angeles, as well as his thoughts on Gremlins….and where they may lurk!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Jun Planning awesomeness!

Hey Folks,

As many of you know, I work at a collectibles store in southern Wisconsin, and we have a very active online business as well as a local retail store. (Our online shop is at We recently got these Jun Planning Statues in stock and after taking a peek in the boxes, I had to put them up!

These are produced by Craftlabel in the states, but are licensed Gremlins merchandise designed by the one-and-only Jun Planning co in Japan! Stripe is about 12″ tall, and frankly I would not want to wake up to him on my dresser, since it probably is the most realistic sculpt I have ever seen of a Gremlin. I think Stripe’s candy is a little bit oversized but it still looks rad as hell.

Gizmo is adorable, about 6″ tall with his pillow, and really a nice display piece.
They don’t have any points of articulation, as they are statues posed intentionally meant to convey emotion and in Stripe’s case, malevolence.

Speaking personally, the Stripe statue is what I hope my wife has stowed away in a closet somewhere for Christmas. She knows how much I love our green-skinned friends.

Part of the reason I am posting this is because apparently some of our visitors haven’t seen these statues before, and also because if Gremlins stuff starts being a huge seller at our store, I can probably convince my boss to get a ton more neat and possibly exclusive stuff in stock! (Things like T-shirt designs, hats, stuff like that)

Anyways I will talk to the boss man later today to see if I can get a discount for you Gremlins Online users as a “Thank You” for being super awesome and helping make this site as great as it is.

I normally don’t post sales type stuff on the site, as I don’t want to give you guys a bad site or something, but as I personally am working there and I have seen our customer comments, I think I can safely put the Gremlins Online! Pod of approval on Besides, if anything went wrong, I can go yell at the shipping team myself for you guys.

I don’t think we will be getting restocked on these before christmas, so whatever we have in the warehouse is what we have. Feel free to print this out and add it to your christmas wishlist!

Take care folks and remember, stay out of the light!

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