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Warner Bros Hires Goosebumps film writer to script Gremlins Remake/Reboot

Hey folks!

Not a whole lot to see here, but it looks like WB is trying to get things rolling with a new writer for the long-delayed Gremlins film that really, we know pretty much nothing about.

As usual, Spielberg has veto power on these things so it is possible that he simply will say “no” after reading a finished draft and we will be back to square one. Then again, it could be fantastic. We need a new generation of Gremlins Fans to get into the series and something less scary than Gremlins but more intense than Gremlins 2 could be appropriate. After watching Joe Dante’s “The Hole” I know that family-friendly horror/adventure films can still be done, but that genre is far from the moneymaker it was 30 years ago….

Full story here:

I have reached out to Warner Bros for comment on the story but have not heard back yet. I will be sure to update this if anything comes up.

Gremlins Reboot/Remake “moving quickly”? LEAVE MY CHILDHOOD ALONE!!!

Alright alright……
I get it from your panicked texts and emails you want to know more about the bit on the Goonies remake that namedropped Gremlins on Ain’t It Cool News.

Here’s the Quote (full story here)

One film from that period that I still adore, however, is GREMLINS, and I’m told a remake of Joe Dante’s film is also moving quickly at WB. Good times.

So there you have it, Jeremy is told that a Gremlins remake is “moving quickly at WB.”  This is about as unverifiable as it gets folks. 
So yet again we will chalk this up to Rumors and Speculation until more details from some people actually involved in the project come out and say something of any substance beyond “Gremlins is a movie and is someday being remade.”

Now time to rant! 
As we all grow older and theoretically wiser, we see some horrid entertainment choices being made by the film industry at worst, and other moves that are questionable at best. Unnecessary sequels, spin-offs, and remakes are at the top of the list of the passionate moviegoers gripe list.
One common cry heard when a 30 year old movie is rumored or announced to be redone is “LEAVE MY CHILDHOOD ALONE!” as if the creation of a new version (or “batch”) of their childhood favorite film will somehow demolish all the awesomeness that the original brought to the table.
But it doesn’t.

We can always revisit our favorite movies and TV shows on a million different forms of media which are all completely unaffected by anything that happens. 

What I am saying is no one can ruin your childhood memories but you. 

It is quite simple; if you don’t like a product that comes out, say a new Gremlins film, just ignore it. Turn it off and watch the original masterpiece from 1984. It will always be there. 

I get that we all want a new film to be as awesome as the first movie but we have to accept that anything to come out now probably won’t be as groundbreaking, but why don’t we let a remake stand on its own, and see what happens? 

Maybe it is easier to complain and wag our fingers and be able to say “SEE! I SAID IT WOULD SUCK.” rather than give something new a chance. 

Warner Bros Moving forward with Gremlins Reboot?

According to various movie news sites and broken by Bloody-Disgusting, Warner Bros. are moving forward with a Gremlins reboot. There is no hard evidence or public press release yet, but I will keep you updated with more info as it becomes available! gremlin3q.gif

Current word going around is Seth Grahame-Smith (Writer of the recent Dark Shadows reboot) is going to produce the film along with David Katzenberg.


Whatculture’s 10 Reasons against a Gremlins Reboot…

Hey gang check this neat article out over at Whatculture!.

A few interesting alternative ideas are presented as well as ways to save a reboot from being unbearable. 

What do you think?

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