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Black Nerd Rants – Gremlins 3 Rumors!

Looks like the rumor mill is starting to turn faster and faster. One of our regular readers and prominent Youtuber, Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows, rants about his thoughts on the possible remake/reboot/sequel to our favorite films! Check it out!

Gremlins 3 Remake? Reboot? Sequel?

There has been a lot of rumors and discussion regarding Gremlins 3 actually being a remake or reboot instead of a sequel, and looking at the current Hollywood climate, it sure seems likely, but why?

Logically a remake would attract more theatregoers than Gremlins 3 would.
Fans of the gremlins franchise will see anything Gremlins in the theatre, be it Gremlins 3 or a remake/reboot. So those are guaranteed customers and do not factor in to the math.

However, as it has been nearly 20 years since we have last seen Gremlins in any form (commercials, games,  and DVD releases not withstanding) there is an entire generation of potential ticket sales that have never even seen Gremlins in the media.  Those customers are unlikely to see a sequel to a movie they never have seen before. Sure some might rent the previous films but they frankly do not have the legacy that other long-dormant movie franchises (like Ghostbusters) do.

Let’s try it this way:

Say there are a million people who are guaranteed ticket sales. They love the previous movies, and would absolutely see a new one in the theatre, regardless of it being a reboot or sequel.

Remake: 1 Million
Sequel: 1 Million

Now let’s take the rest of the moviegoing poulation, and pretend it is 10 million more people. They are undecided.

Undecided: 10m
Remake: 1m
Sequel: 1m

Of that 10m undecided a good number are going to be under the age of 18, as most people who make up the bulk of ticket sales are youth. Let’s number them at 7 Million.

Undecided Adults: 3m
Undecided Youth: 7m
Remake: 1m
Sequel: 1m

Here is where we diverge.

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Gremlins for Christmas & 25th Anniversary Rumors!

Heyas all!

First off, for those of you who follow the time honored Gremlins Online tradition of watching Gremlins every year right around christmas time, but haven’t broken down and purchased your very own Gremlins Special Edition DVD, Gremlins is airing on AMC pretty regularly through the holidays. Surprisingly, it is the unedited version with the complete microwave, blender and fireplace sequences!

If you have cable, be sure to check it out at the following upcoming  showtimes:

Sun Dec 28 @ 6:30AM | 5:30C
Mon Dec 29 @ 1AM | 12C
Mon Dec 29 @ 7:30AM | 6:30C

I have also gotten word that there is supposed to be a new dvd release of Gremlins with some all-new special features in 2009. This would coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original film, so hopefully Warner Bros will go all out for this one and give us a version that has  the deleted scenes included in the flow of the film! More updates as I discover more!

Fantastic Fandom & Rumor Mill Update!

Well, after quite some time with nothing of much interest to report, we have a video from a very talented Gremlins fan, gremlin3q.gifand a Gremlins 3 Rumor Mill Update!!

Let’s get that pesky rumor mill tidbit out of the way first.

A short bit ago, I recieved a message from one of our readers, Tony Anderson, who reports

“Just talked to Joe Dante yesterday (10/6/07) and asked about GREMLINS 3. He said there is nothing happening as far as he knows. He also mentioned that it is extremely unlikely he will have anything to do with it, if it does happen. So, there you go, from the man himself after a screening of MATINEE and GREMLINS 2 here in San Francisco, at the Castro theater. :)”

While this is nothing new, it does somewhat put the Direct-To-DVD rumor on the back burner, for better or worse.
We have long known that Joe Dante likely would not have had anything to do with it, after what he has said numerous times in interviews and personal Q&A.

So right now: Nothing is happening. This does not mean the film is not going through talks or negotiations behind the scenes, but simply there is nothing concrete involving Joe Dante. Keep up hope all you Gremlins out there!

Thank you Tony for keeping us informed, and who knows, if enough people keep bugging him “IS THERE GONNA BE A GREMLINS 3?” maybe he will consider coming back for a threequel. 

Now, on to our newest Fan submission!

First we have a “proud certified black nerd”  celebrity, Andre Meadows, who you may remember from CW’s Beauty And The Geek.
Andre sent me an email with a bit of info on his love for all things Gremlins and wanted to give us a heads up on his video where he shows off his Nerd Crib with his Gremlins collection, DDR and Nintendo. (A man after my own heart!) 

Around 1:20 in is the Gremlins segment and a fantastic Tony Randall (The Brain Gremlin) Impression!

If you go for nerd comedy, (and if you don’t, what are you doing on this site anyways?) you need to check him out, he has a great site at www.blacknerdcomedy.comwhere you can check out his quite unique brand of comedy in the form of V-logs (video blogs), clips and even a couple of his TV appearances!

Hopefully we will hear more from andre in the near future

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