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{Blog Post} Mega Sale Madness

In early April, there was the first “Mega Sale” of the season at the local fairgrounds. I usually go a few times a year, typically ending up at the booth with old trading cards and spending far too much on things like packs of Dinosaurs Attack! that I plan to write about but keep putting off.

This time I am only about a month late and finally getting to tell you all about the majestic wonders of a medium-sized town’s “Mega Sale”

Here we go!


This is new…and frightening. On the outside of the building is this sign, featuring Rummage Vintage/Collectibles and….Direct Sale Companies.
For those who don’t know, Direct Sale Companies are a fancy way of legitimizing Multi Level Marketing (MLMs) programs, also frequently known as Pyramid Schemes. You have heard of Amway, Avon and similar, but there are many many more out there and they all have the same method. Get you to buy in to more than just the products but get you to sell the products yourselves, as the person who recruited you gets more money the more you sell, and then you get to recruit people so you get more money, etc.

MLMs have been prevalent in the past at these but this was a new level.

They were everywhere. These are just the tables that didn’t mind me taking a picture of their tables. The others were very adamant that no photos were taken because they are used to spread “propaganda” or “smear their company’s names”. I get some people enjoy these products, and that is fine, but this is insanity.  3/4 of the tables were MLMs, every one of them promising free stuff if you do a free in-home demo/party/makeover/tasting with your best friends. This made hunting for rad treasures a bit harder.

In fact as I looked at my wider shot photos of the building, they are almost indistinguishable from the photos posted above.

I found a really neat pen table full of fountain pens and old inkwells. Plus these awesome Garfield Pens! I didn’t grab any but my wife did, she got some shark fountain pens because sharks are awesome and she is as well.

img_3039.jpgI found this incredible WWF PowerPenz Cyclone Pen that  has discs you can use to battle with other pen havers? But it called me a Bozo, so I had to have it. for $3, who would be able to resist? Other pens in the WWF line include such legends as Kane, HHH and Val Venis. Yep. The Big Valbowski can battle the Undertaker when you are in study hall! I don’t think I ever saw any PowerPenz back in the 90’s. Why? I would have loved them. They are the perfect match of licensed useless garbage that does weird stuff, is collectible, and I can convince myself is practical at the same time.

IMG_2554One thing I love but never understand about these sales are the junk dealers. Tons of rusted tools from a time long gone and random bits and pieces that are covered in dust older than I am. I am sure there are people that buy this stuff but every time this vendor is at the sale, nothing ever seems to change. How could this be worth lugging around, paying for the space and then packing up at the end of the day? Remember this is a one-day affair here, so these tables and bins have to be packed up after the seven hour show. At least I know if I need a funnel or a hoe I know where to go.

The usual vendor where I get my retro trading cards wasn’t there, much to my chagrin. We were making our last once-overs and I noticed the side room was open…and like a personal heaven, this is what I saw as I turned the corner.
This vendor occasionally shows up with a corner setup, but this time he got the side room all to himself and his action figures and retro toys.
Classic comics, book and record sets, LEGO toys and so much more. This was an incredible spread.

I never was really into GI Joe but I always loved the breadth of the playsets and vehicle lines. The Star Wars figures and WWE figures were neat but they weren’t my target. I always am looking for the usual. ALF, Ghostbusters (Real or Filmation only), Gremlins, POGs and My Pet Monster stuff.  Well those and anything funeral or hearse related for my son. He’s a weird kiddo.

Those WCW Nitro TCG cards were calling my name but I don’t really need more TCG cards cluttering up the house. I needed other clutter and finally came across a few clutter-worthy gems.

img_3038-1.jpgWolfman from the Monsters line and two fright feature Ghostbusters (Egon with the requisite broken tie) but with accessories! Winston came with his appropriate ghost, but egon for some reason came with the Ecto-1 ghost. Either way, a great deal for $8 total for all 3, even though Winston has a hard time getting his spinning, toothy head back to neutral position. I still love him anyway!

The same vendor also had a really neat Real Ghostbusters retractable vinyl sun shade that had to come home with me.
IMG_2577These were HUGE in the 80’s along with folding cardboard sun visors for your windshield. You could get them for pretty much any popular property out there including ALF and the Simpsons. This was only $6 and I was very happy to have it, even though it didn’t come with suction cups to put in my car immediately. Apparently they are pretty easily found on eBay for very fair prices, but the thrill of discovery is what made this one worth it.

We went to leave the show and my wife’s eye was caught by some necklaces with neat clasps on a table, and I was taking a few more shots for this article, when I saw a Ghostbusters something in my phone’s camera that I would have completely missed otherwise…
img_2570.jpgWhy yes, that is a $5 price tag on that Stay Puft toy. Even in the neglected condition, it was more than a steal! A bit of cleaning and it will look good as new! This was a surprisingly successful event for me, and my wife even found a set of red depression glass cups for $6.

Hopefully there are less MLMs at the next sale, and more random 20+ year old packs of cards to open!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure through the MEGA SALE!!


LEGO Dimensions E3 Trailer and promo shots

WB Games has put up this trailer for the new LEGO Dimensions sets coming out this fall, and all are completely compatible with the current starter set and portal! This means if you already bought in to LEGO Dimensions, you won’t need to buy those, just the adventure/fun/story packs.


Tons of exciting properties in this game that appeal to a wide audience, but seem to be tailored almost to 80’s/90’s nostalgia fiends like myself!

The full list is below:

  • Gremlins
  • Ghostbusters (2016)
  • Beetlejuice
  • E.T The Extra Terrestrialfgtv.lego_.dimensions.gold2_-1200x675 (1)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Goonies
  • Harry Potter
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Adventure Time
  • Mission: Impossible
  • The A-Team
  • The Lego Batman Movie
  • Teen Titans Go!
  • Lego City Undercover
  • Knight Rider
  • The Powerpuff Girls


Also special thanks to  Chakor C. from The Mog Squad on Facebook who found this cropped promotional image featuring Stripe!! More details will be posted as they are revealed.


Musings on Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Ecto-Cooler and Purple Stuff

So today I was listening to a podcast, drinking a 6oz box of Ecto-Cooler and realizing that there have only been a few times that I have been as excited about pop culture as I am right now.


Let’s go back a bit.
This week’s Purple Stuff Podcast focuses on 1990 for no particular reason. I suggest checking out the link and listening to it, then coming back here. I’ll wait.

Ok back? Good.

So in the podcast Matt of Dinosaur Dracula , formerly X-entertainment and Jay from The Sexy Armpit talk about Gremlins 2, and got Matt remembering how he was so excited to actually get more of a thing he loved with a ridiculous passion. Obviously those of us that were around for 1990’s Gremlins 2: The New Batch completely can understand that feeling.

But for me there has been one other franchise that makes me giddy and excited like I am 8 years old again; Ghostbusters. That movie and cartoon series hit me right in the childhood. I was a bit young for the original film, just like Gremlins, but when I did see it, I was about 4 years old and it had the same combination of goofiness and scares that Gremlins had and both of those films were the perfect storm for my young imagination.
Once the cartoon hit and the merchandise kept coming, I was hooked for life.

I think Ghostbusters was a bit of a surrogate Gremlins for me, since by 1986-87 it was hard to find anything of Gremlins. It simply wasn’t merchandised as well as it could (and should) have been. Sure there were bendy toys, some shirts and more gizmo plush toys -licensed and knockoffs- than you would believe, but there wasn’t the obligatory 80’s style expansive toy line that a lot of movies and cartoons had.
Though I never stopped having a ridiculous obsession with Gremlins, Ghostbusters filled that niche for me.

It occurs to me that it is still how I feel today. “Well we aren’t getting a gremlins movie or anything anytime soon, but we can still be excited for GHOSTBUSTERS!”

The feeling that I get is almost impossible to describe when I see commercials for a NEW Ghostbusters film, walk into a store to buy Ecto-freaking-cooler, or see an endcap full of Ghostbusters merchandise staring at me again. It feels like all this Ghostbusters stuff is a gift personally to me and that my fandom is validated in some materialistic or capitalistic fashion.

I have had friends look at me like I am completely insane as I stare at the shelves of Ghostbusters toys and load up my cart with plastic proton packs and ghost traps. Part of it is something I can share with my own son who is old enough to enjoy it, and the other part is knowing how much I love this property.

To this day I remember very few first-run movie theater experiences from my childhood. Ghostbusters 2, Gremlins 2, TMNT (1990) and Jurassic Park were all amazing adventures that felt like they spoke directly to me. Even now they still do. Sure they don’t always hold up as well under a critical eye, but I have a great time watching them wherever I am and whoever I am with.

Part of the excitement is to know that others get to share in the passion and can get a glimpse of why I am so excited. I mean there are even in-universe Ghostbusters books coming out! (yes books plural!)
One is a book that is featured in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot that the main characters wrote before becoming paranormal investigators and eliminators. The title is is Ghosts From Our Past by Andrew Shaffer and comes out later this month before the film.
This is the one I am super excited about. It reminds me of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer that was featured in Twin Peaks. The idea of holding a piece of the film or series in your hands is a enough to make me smile like I found ecto-cooler in my fridge…oh wait! I did!

The other is an actual in-universe Tobin’s Spirit Guide  by Erik Burnham

I don’t know much about this one beyond what Amazon says, but again this tome has been referenced multiple times in the 1984 movie, the cartoon series and even the recent IDW comics. While it will likely focus only on the entities from the films and maybe cartoon, I  promise you when a question is asked I will put down my Cheez-its and make a verbal note that I’ll check the usual sources like Tobin’s Spirit Guide as I pull it off my shelf.

(Note: I was not paid or asked to write about these books, and they are not affiliate-linked or anything. I am just really excited to share this with fellow fans)

While many people are ragging on the new film, I don’t care if it is good or bad. If it has ghosts and a reasonable amount of busting said ghosts, I will be content. Without the movie we wouldn’t see the retun of Ecto-Cooler, or even cans of slime at the store.

Seriously, those of us who grew up on ecto-cooler in our cold lunch bags cannot describe how long and impatiently we have been waiting and praying to the high-fructose gods above to have another chance to taste this sugar-laden drink. It is more than a “thing” to us. It is an obsession.
I couldn’t drink milk at school so it was ALWAYS ecto-cooler in my bag, even the rare days I had hot lunch. I never was a Capri Sun or Kool Bursts kinda kid, it was Ecto-Cooler or simply water (or occasionally Squeeze-it) for me.

To me knowing that other people feel that Ghostbusters is a neat enough concept to talk about on podcasts, write about in books, and make multi-million dollar films and throw merchandise everywhere in stores is super exciting.

Someday I hope I can feel this way again when Gremlins gets a new movie and hopefully truckloads of merchandise I can chase after for weeks and be broke for months after purchasing.

Thanks for following along on this journey of Gremlins and Ghostbusters nostalgia!

Let me know what kind of nostalgia bombs you have that would throw you into a new dimension if they magically returned below!

Feel free to follow me and continue the discussion on Twitter ( or on facebook: (

Third 3G Poster unveiled! Nostalgia abounds!

Hey folks I just got an email from the folks at the 3G Art Show and they have released the third poster  for the event running September 3-22 in Los Angeles, CA.

For those who missed the last post on the show, the Autumn Society & Gallery is putting on an art gallery featuring art that was inspired by three iconic 80’s movies. Specifically, Ghostbusters, Gremlins and Goonies.

All three of these films captured the imagination of  audiences, young and old alike and still have a strong presence in Pop Culture to this day. Of course the thing that caught my eye was the Gremlins portion, however I have a soft spot in my hollowed-out shell of a heart that is reserved for Ghostbusters and Goonies. Growing up in the 80’s as Hulk Hogan reminded me to Say My Prayers and Eat My Vitamins, Gremlins and Ghostbusters for the most part were the two films that enamored me more than anything. They were movies that took the subject matter seriously, and played it straight while having humor intertwined with frightening or creepy scenes.  Goonies was never as huge of an influence on me personally, but it did have a special slot on my VHS shelf dedicated to that childhood dream of perilous adventure.

(more blogging and pictures and art and stuff past the break! Read more! Be enthralled!)

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