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{Gremlins Movie News} Zach Galligan films 80-minute interview for “Definitive ” 30th Anniversary Edition

Well this is pretty big news, and I am happily able to post about it now that the cat is out of the bag!
Gremlins (1984) is getting a 30th Anniversary edition Blu-Ray this year!!

Gremlins Star Zach Galligan himself has been keeping the fans up-to-date on twitter and Facebook, and posting some fantastic looking photos of himself looking quite dapper at ILM.
Can’t wait to see the interview and this definitive release!

Could this pave the way for Gremlins 3? Keep following Gremlins online and Zach Galligan himself for more updates  and other happenings in his life. He can be found on twitter as @zwgman (

I will be posting more info as it becomes available. (Please note I have removed comments and user names from these photos so personal information is not shared. )




FEARnet interviews Zach Galligan on the waxwork films

Zach talks about his love of schlock horror movies,  the re-casting of Sarah, his own experiences working with Anthony Hickox and much much more.Image

In the second one, I’m also particularly proud of all of the stunts I did. I did all of the stunts. If you notice, my character takes a beating in ‘Waxwork II.’ He gets the shit beat out of him! And all of those things like the flying through the air and landing while facing the camera after being punched by the guy who had his 

face kind of hanging off, which side-note was actually the doorman at a really popular Los Angeles club.



Check out the full interview:

Coming Soon! Interview with Andre Meadows, of Black Nerd Comedy Fame!

Heyas all!

Very soon Gremlins Online will have an exclusive interview with Andre Meadows, from!

He is a HUGE gremlins fan and even has created a character for his comedy called “Gangsta Gizmo”, which you have to see to believe! We will pic his nerdy brain to see what he thinks about all this Gremlins hullabaloo and if there should be a Gremlins 3!

So look forward to that soon, and in the meantime check out his site and don’t forget to vote for him on Reelzchannel’s Moviemob! (just click the banner and click on “Vote” on his picture. Hint: He’s the black nerd!)


It’s a weekly show where 10 people get to review the latest movies and movie trailers. Every week, the top 8 people get to stay, the bottom 2 go. So he needs your votes to stay in the game!

Lots of updates coming soon, so until then Stay out of the sunlight!!

Den Of Geek interview with Zach Galligan!

 Check it out if you have a chance, he goes over a lot of his career and of course, Gremlins!

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