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Fan Made Videos

Fan Made Gremlins Videos

Note: some videos may contain objectionable content.
These videos are a showcase of what the dedicated fans of the Gremlins movies have done to show their love for the films and games.
  • Oscar Picks The Oscars 2011 by The Black Nerd
    For all the Black Nerd Comedy fans out there, this is his “Oscar Picks The Oscars” video, in which he goes on quite the tangent about some little green creatures we all love!
  • What if Gizmo Had Watched “Kill Bill?” by LuciferSam
    This video truly sets the bar for all animated Gremlins fan projects to come. Violent, bloody, and overall a new vision of what Gremlins could be.
  • Gremlins 2 Game Boy No Continue Playthrough (by ActionGameMaster)
    Those that have played Gremlins 2 for the original gameboy know how hard and unforgiving the game can be, well the Action Game Master shows us how it’s done with a No Continue Playthrough.
  • Gremlins 3 Fan-Made Teaser Trailer
    This is a very well done teaser trailer by Madrex2001 on Youtube. Keep in mind this is just fan-made, and is in no way official or indicative of a third gremlins film being made or confirmed.
  • Gremlins 2 for Game Boy (Video Game Clips submitted by batgremlin)
    One of our regular readers, “Batgremlin” made and sent us some links to fantastic video of Gremlins 2: The New Batch for the original Mustard-coloured Game Boy. The game is a very loose adaption of the movie, but is one serious challenge for any Gremlins enthusiast to play through!

  • Gremlins 2 for NES in 7m 5seconds (by Taipion)
    I am not really a big fan of using hacks, tools, or exploits to achieve a high score/record time in a game, but this video is impressive nonetheless and gives those that never got a chance to play the game a good feel of how it looks and sounds. Gremlins 2 was regarded as arguably one of the most fun movie-based action games out there, and for good reason. What other game has gremlins, bouncing tomatoes and conveyor belts leading into pits of lava with spikes in them, all in a downtown manhattan office building?!
  • Pets Toe Performed by G3  (by Hibiki) (Note: Contains Mature Lyrics)
    This is one of my favorites, and is crunktastically fun to watch, as silly as it is.
    Normally, I won’t post videos with mature lyrics, but this one is beyond appropriate.
    For those curious, and not into the “Crunk” scene, it’s the song Let’s Go by Trick Daddy.
  • Hot Cold Sodas and Cold Hot Popcorn by Nuthacker
    This is a clever fan-made video featuring the Hulkster in a techno remix with a bunch of Gremlins 2 clips, reinventing Hulk Hogan’s famous cameo in Gremlins 2: The New Batch. After a few viewings this track actually gets in your head pretty nicely. Thanks to LuciferSam for the heads up
  • Lucifer Sam Gremlins Drum Demo by LuciferSam
    Here, one of our regular readers, Lucifer Sam shows off his drumming skills by playing the surprisingly complex Gremlins Rag from the original Gremlins film! Quite an impressive display of drumming talent, and worth a viewing!
  • Come Out & Play (Fan Made by GoNagai) (No Longer Online)
    There are tons of fan-tribute music videos, but only a small fraction of those have enough effort and care behind them to be considered decent….this is one of the gems I found co-starring CRITTERS!
    NOTE: This video has been taken off youtube, but the reference will remain here until a new copy is found.
  • Gizmo Sings And Dances For You! ( by topdollar2691) (No Longer Online)
    Here is the “Dancing Gizmo” toy in action! The toys can still be found on ebay and various sites around the internet if you haven’t gotten your hands on one yet.
    NOTE: This video has been taken off youtube, but the reference will remain here until a new copy is found.
  • Juggernaut Vs. Gizmo (by SonicGodzillaFan) (No Longer Online)
    Here we have a short fight between Gizmo and The Juggernaut of Marvel fame. M.U.G.E.Nis a PC fighting engine that is styled after the Capcom fighting games, that has been modified and expanded upon by many users to add their favorite characters from movies, music, and most commonly, other video games.In response to a few questions I have been asked by readers, the author states that the background is from Gremlins: Stripe Vs Gizmo for NES or SNES, but the Stripe Vs Gizmo game was only released for Game Boy Advance.
    NOTE: This video has been taken off youtube, but the reference will remain here until a new copy is found.
  • The Brain Gremlin Singing “Blood” (Fan Made Video) (No Longer Online)
    While I am not the world’s biggest My Chemical Romance fan, I can appreciate the video creator’s love for gremlins and the deleted scenes that are used to make this video. Here, everyone’s favorite Tony Randall-voiced Gremlin sings “Blood” a short song by My Chemical Romance, whom I have heard is pretty popular in this day and age.

Tribute To Daffy (Fan Tribute by SWJava ) (No Longer Online)

  • The song playing is Gremlins…Mega Madness by Michael Sembello which was featured in the original Gremlins film during the “Dorry’s Pub” scene.
    NOTE: This video has been taken off youtube, but the reference will remain here until a new copy is found.

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