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{Gremlins 3 News} Chris Columbus says the new Gremlins film will “Almost definitely” be a reboot.

gremlin3q.gifAccording to a very short article, Chris Columbus says that the new Gremlins Film will “Almost definitely” be a reboot.

Doesn’t really tell us anything solid or further details, but at least people are still talking to those involved

Take it with a huge grain of salt folks. The article is pretty poorly written, and if you look at the URL, they didn’t even spell Goonies or Gremlins correctly. They also made the mistake of claiming Gremlins was released in 1985, when we all aware it released in the summer of 1984. While this may seem minor, it just shows a lack of thoroughness on the part of the writer.

We all want a new Gremlins film/product/cartoon/etc, but I for one am at the point where I will believe it when I see something concrete more than someone saying “things are in the works”.



Gremlins: Recall A Brand-New Fan Film

Well this is a nice Christmas bonus for us Gremlins fans!
Writer & Director Ryan Patrick has unleashed Gremlins: Recall, a modern-day take on the Gremlins concept.

With a heavy reliance on practical effects, and some great cinematography, this is an exciting addition to the Gremlins fan film collective!

Check it out on youtube below!

Then when you finish the video, check out the incredible behind-the-scenes video on how the practical puppets were made to work.

I plan on writing up a review of the fan video later this week, but while there are some cute nods to the original film, Ryan Patrick and co take this in a different direction with a different kind of sentimentality than either of the first two Gremlins films.

I hope you enjoyed the film as you can tell a lot of work was put into it.  Let me know what you think!

{Gremlins 3} Chris Columbus is working on the script, which will be “twisted and dark”

According to a short piece over at Slashfilm, Chris Columbus has been hard at work on a new script for Gremlins 3¬†that will be “twisted and dark as anything” and will likely touch on the concept of eliminating gizmo to eliminate the Gremlin threat.


Some sites have taken that to mean that Gizmo might be murdered in the film, but that is nowhere to be seen in Columbus’ brief statements.

To me it sounds more like a general musing and his personal feeling that if there is a creature capable of spawning unholy monsters that destroy everything in sight, and can easily multiply with malevolence, yeah…you might want to keep that thing under control one way or the other.

Either way, the important thing is this is further confirmation that Gremlins 3 is in some state of development and we will eventually see a new film someday!

Check out Slashfilm for the full article and more quotes by Chris Columbus on the film!

Matt from Dinosaur Dracula Opens A Box Of Gremlins Cereal From 1984!!

Retro Nostalgia blogger Matt from Dinosaur Dracula (and previously X-Entertainment fame) has decided to do the unthinkable: Open a box Of Gremlins Cereal!
I won’t spoil the fun, so you have to click on over to his site to read (and see!) what awaits in 30-plus year-old boxes of cereal!



New LEGO Dimensions Meet That Hero – GREMLINS Trailer


To hype up November’s LEGO Dimensions releases, WB has Marceline from Adventure Time introducing us to Gizmo and Stripe!

There are a few nitpicky things that will cause the hardcore fans like ourselves to bristle, but hey, we get Gremlins LEGOs! Check it out below and let me know what you think.

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