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Gremlins Invade Pop Culture

Gremlins invade Pop Culture


  • Poster in Stephen King’s IT – 2017 (Added 9/12/17)
    The new adaptation of Stephen King’s epic horror tale takes place partially in the 1980’s rather than the 1950’s of the original book. In a scene featuring Bill Denborough and his little brother Georgie, we get a glimpse of Bill’s very 80’s bedroom with posters for Advanced Dungeons And Dragons, and even Gremlins, which I highlighted on this still from the trailer.


  • Gremlins References in Bojack Horseman (Added 9/12/17)
    There are at least two references to Gremlins in the Netflix Animated Series Bojack Horseman. One is just an off off the cuff reference, the other is directly regarding the rules.
  • Michael Winslow Gremlin Prank Phone Call  (Live Stand Up Clip)
    The legendary man of a thousand voices (and even more sound effects) Michael Winslow in a stand up clip where he describes a prank phone call where he decides to be a Gremlin. Very hilarious clip! However, he claims he was Stripe in the movie Gremlins, but the credits claim that Stripe’s voice was done by Frank Welker. Possible mistake on Winslow’s part? or is there more to the story? Stay tuned! Thanks to Lucifer Sam for this great clip!
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? w/Gremlins! (Television Clip) (Updated 9/12/17)
    This is a clip from the American version of “Whose Line Is It Anway”, an improvisational comedy show. This clip’s game is called Hollywood Director, where one of the participants is the director who changes the style of the scene every so often to hilarious effect. In this scene, “rival biker gang leaders are facing off in a dramatic race……” We also get treated to one of the best gremlin imitations that has been seen on the show. The second clip is Weird Newscasters which features Greg Proops as a Gremlin newscaster.


  • Gremlins Parody from Spitting Image (Parody TV Clip- 1984??)
    This has to be one of the most interesting clips I have found online.
    Spitting Image was a show that ran from 1984-1996 and was a british satire show, similar to the US’ Saturday Night Live. Spitting Image primarily centered around political satire, as can be seen in this clip that spoofs Gremlins!
    For more information on Spitting Image check out Spitting Image’s IMDB Entry or The Museum Of Broadcast Communications. I have yet to learn what the references are all to, but I am sure one of my loyal readers will fill me in!
    NOTE: This video has been taken off youtube, but the reference will remain here until a new copy is found.
  • Gremlins Reference On The Simpsons(TV Show Clip)
    Seeing as how the Simpsons movie did quite well in theatres, I would like to bring your attention to this Simpsons Gremlins reference. This one deals with Homer thinking he is going to get to meet the “Gremlins from the Gremlins movie”….
    NOTE: This video has been taken off youtube, but the reference will remain here until a new copy is found.
  • Gremlins On Family Guy (TV Show Clip)
    On the prime time cartoon “Family Guy” which features a constant barrage of non sequiturs, there was a quite surprisingly juicy Gremlins reference. What was even more surprising was the correct pronounciation of “Mogwai” and the microwave scene reference. In fact, one of the script writers must be a real Gremlins fan, or else they would probably have called it a “mugwump” or something along those lines….


2 responses to “Gremlins Invade Pop Culture

  1. Linda Falke December 18, 2011 at 7:51 am

    There have been at least two references to “Gremlins” in “How I Met Your Mother.”

    1.) “How do you keep a girl from becoming your girlfriend? Simple! The rules for girls are the same as Gremlins. Rule number one: Never get them wet. In other words, don’t let her take a shower in your place. Rule number two: Keep them away from sunlight—i.e., don’t ever see them during the day. And rule number three: Never feed them after midnight. Meaning she doesn’t sleep over, and you don’t have breakfast with her, ever. (Barney, “Definitions”)

    2.) Marshall makes a reference to Gremlins in, “The Wedding.”

  2. Lucifersam April 15, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    For gremlins on Family guys, you can make an update :
    Edit- Thanks a lot! Added to the page. – Jypsy

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