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Great review on Gremlins from someone who hadn’t seen it as a kid! Check it out.

Morgan on Media

Gremlins PosterBefore I review Gremlins, let me explain how it came about that I’ve waited this long — nearly 30 years — to see such an iconic film of the 1980s, especially considering how that’s my decade of choice. In the mid-80s, I was a young kid in grade school. My brother was in middle school, and if I recall the VHS release date correctly, my sister was not yet attending school. At any rate, my brother was home sick one day, and I was not. My mother decided to rent a movie to entertain my siblings, and Gremlins was the choice. No doubt Mom thought it would be a cutesy little film; you can see Gizmo peeking out of the box on that poster, after all. The gremlins proved to be a bit scarier than Mom anticipated, leading her to cover my sister’s head in a blanket — my…

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