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{Gremlins 3} A bit of Non-News on Joe Dante’s newest project.

We all would love to see Joe Dante helm a new Gremlins film, but it looks like we will have to wait a little longer to see anything with his name attached in a major capacity. 
Ain’t It Cool news reports that Joe Dante is working on a new film titled “Burying The Ex”  which he is using FundAnything, a crowdsourcing service to complete. This pretty much cements his non-involvement in a Gremlins 3 or Reboot in the near future. If he were to join the project in any hands-on manner it would likely not begin until at least 2015 at the earliest, putting any Dante-helmed Gremlins feature out of the 30 year anniversary window. 

Check out Joe Dante’s video on his new project here:

However, this announcement has made people on the internet a bit more vocal in asking the question on everyone’s mind which is obviously: Where is Gremlins 3? Even the press release for Burying The Ex lists Gremlins as one of his crowning achievements over more recent projects like The Hole (Which was wholly creepy and sadly missed by most people, a return to the gremlins style of family horror) so obviously whomever is writing his PR pieces knows Gremlins has some pull these days. 

Either way check out his FundAnything page and let us know if you back it and if you manage to get that Dinner with Dante, get him to spill the beans on Gremlins for us Gremlin fanatics.

Comment below, share what you think of his newest project and the use of Gremlins to attract attention! 

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