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The Super Secret Rare Kotobukiya Gizmo Figure!

(Quick site update: The video game section has been updated with some more information and stay tuned….new section coming THIS WEEK, I assure you! Meanwhile Fan Art Friday is going to be slowing down a bit, so I can focus on the other sections of the site. Fear not, there will be more fan art coming your way!)

A few weeks back I reported on a series of Japanese gremlins figures that were releasing soon that had fantastic detail and made me go all geeky.

Well now I have gone even geekier!

Apparently these figures have released and there is a secret one to be found in the boxes.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Mogwai, and Gremlins, allow me to introduce you to the most fantastic gremlins toy in the multiverse…..

Gizmo on dartboard!

Most people that know me, know that I really am not one of Gizmo’s biggest fans. I feel that he gets entirely too much merchandising when the gremlins get overlooked when it comes to awesomeness like toys or video games. Heck one of the reasons gremlins was so popular was the GREMLINS, sure gizmo was cute and marketable, but the Gremlins were the technical marvels of the 80’s, real enough to traumatize and fascinate a generation of fans. 

Anyways, Gizmo on the dartboard is one of the most memorable scenes in Gremlins, coming in a close third to the snowplow crashing into Mr. Futterman’s living room and The legendary dorry’s pub scene.

Every time I watch the film with friends they all “awww poor gizmo” as the gremlins take shots at his helpless, whimpering furry body.


So of course it pleases me to see a gizmo-centric Gremlins toy that is unique, which this series has accomplished in spades.


I have learned a slight bit more about the Kotobukiya figurines, and that is they come in boxes that do not display their contents, just which line or series it is from. The neatest thing about them is they are mini-model kits as seen here:



Yep, thats the rare dartboard gizmo, with a little instruction manual and everything.

The figures range from 2 to about 3.5 inches high, and 3 to 4.5 inches wide depending on which one you get, and apparently are pretty well made.


If you are looking for christmas gifts, these are just thing, they average about $10 to $15 US per figure with shipping. That is slightly pricey, but I have seen some sets without the rare for about 30$ on ebay so do some good ol’ Ebaying and find something really special for that special gremlin-lovin someone in your heart. Its something that they won’t find at your local Montgomery Ward, and will be a fantastic addition to their collection.


These are the kinds of things I wish we would get over here in the good ol’ USA. They are perfect cubicle toys! Imagine having a cool little flasher gremlin statue to sit at your desk and flash all its non-genitals at co-workers. All. Day. Long.  Nothing obscene, since there is nothing to be seen! Wow that was entirely too clever for me. I think that is where I shall end this post.

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