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New Japanese Gremlins Toys Coming From Kotobukiya!

It seems that there will be a small set of PVC figures releasing in October or November from Kotobukiya toy company, they will range from 5cm to 9cm (about 2.5 to 4 inches) tall each.

If you are interested, this is one of the ebay stores selling them as a pre-order.
Forbidden Planet International also has them listed for a bit cheaper than some of the Ebay auctions.
(remember prices are not in USD, so be sure to calculate before ordering!)

new gremlins toys
Close-ups after the jump! Click the picture for more!

Stripe on Trike

Stripe on a trike in the Montgomery Ward department store.
The Infamous Flasher Gremlin 
The flasher gremlin from Dorry’s Pub. Finally. This infamous gremlin gets his due after making a cameo appearance in each film, and being among the most memorable moments in the series.

Santa Gizmo on Keyboard

Gizmo correcting Billy on the little casio keyboard, just before being blinded…

convertable gizmo

Of course, what would be a Gremlins toy set without a Gizmo in the Barbie car? I do believe it is some kind of law that whenever there is new Gremlins product released, there has to be at least one more depiction of Gizmo driving to save the day.

Mini Arcade Stripe
Stripe as a mogwai playing Donkey Kong under the christmas tree. This is one I never expected to see as a figure, but it is a scene that sticks out in many people’s minds when they think of Gremlins, similar to the flasher Gremlin.


These figures look fantastic, and really capture the essence of gremlins, with incredibly movie-accurate detail!
Just look at the snarl on stripe!

One question I have always had is: When will we see some of the human figures? I mean who wouldn’t pay for a Mr futterman snowplow attack diorama?
Maybe a Billy Peltzer figure with Gremlin head-chopping action and real gauze wound dressings? Ok maybe the gauze dressings are a bit much. I think a “Final Battle” Billy and Kate 2-pack would be fantastic!
OOH! There we go! A Mrs Sheila Futterman with working flashbulb! Or a Commando-style Daniel Clamp!

My mind should not be allowed to wander. Either way, I personally will take what I can get, but what would the movies have been without the humans we could relate to and that would screw up enough to ensure gremlin-riffic chaos?

Maybe somdeday…….we can all hope!

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