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What Is Junk?

Jypsy’s Junkyard is the place where bad movies go to rust.

Consider it a film buff’s personal hell if you wish, but this is the place where we watch the worst of the worst B-movies and beyond, then give you our impressions.
It is a crazy concept, but it just might work.

When looking for quality Junk, look no further than Jypsy’s Junkyard, after all…Jypsy Knows Junk.

What is this “Junk”?
Junk is another term for films that are referred to as “Schlock” “Cheesy” “B-Movie” “Z-Movie” “Terrible” “Glitter” and so on.

Why do this?
Well, I and the gang are fans of terrible films, and we really get a kick out of many movie out there that people wouldn’t even pick up to laugh at if they were to see it on the shelf.
I realized one day that  many people just dismiss all the Junk movies out there and move on to the terrible multi million dollar wastes of money that exist all around instead of giving a film a shot that might turn out to be a gem in a garbage disposal.

That sounds painful…
Oh, it is I assure you, but I am not alone in my often torturous search for quality Junk, I have “The Gang” to help keep me conscious when the movies get mind-numbingly boring, and to keep any and all sharp objects out of the house when it is time to hit the Junkyard.

“The Gang?” “The Junkyard?”
Yep, the most generic term for a group of people there can be, but it works.
The Gang is a small group of  friends that gets together quite randomly and watches movies from the Junkyard.
The Junkyard is the collection of films purchased or donated to the site for review purposes. The Junkyard grows daily through trips to thrift stores, bargain bins and mom & pop video stores.  Some movies may have even been given to us by the studios themselves, hoping to get a good review!

“So you guys are sellouts then? Why should we take your opinion into consideration if you just give out good reviews for freebies?”
The Gang will gladly be utter sellouts for free crap, almost no questions asked.
If a company sends us a movie for a review, we will summarize the review with some DVD back-friendly quote like “Better than the original!” or “…..Unbelivable Special Effects!!” or “Zach Galligan gives a stellar performance…”  Then continue on with the full review. Besides what studio guy is going to read the full review? They don’t need to know that “Better Than The Original” was in reference to a mention we made of the new flavor of pringles that we ate during the film…
Everyone wins! We get free Junk for the Junkyard , the studios get their quotes, and you get a fair review without the BS that is plaguing the entertainment industry.  We are cheap whores and we know it!

How can I submit some Junk for the Junkyard?
Just click Here to fill out the form and we will get back to you with an address to ship your movies to. Please include the original DVD Case and any packaging that came with  it, since it just looks more awesome in the Junkyard that way.
We will not be returning films since that would take a lot of work and  we are lazy as hell.  There are exceptions that can be made on a case-by-case basis, especially in the situation of screeeners and the like.

Can I send you a link to a movie?
Can you tell me where to download [Insert Movie Here]?
No, and hell no.
We  (Jypsy and the Gang) do not condone copyright infringement and refuse to support it in any way, shape, or form.
Look, one great thing about Junk movies is that they are usually pretty cheap to buy, so just go buy or rent them if you want to see them so badly.
Any emails or messages regarding illegal activity will be promptly deleted. We will not accept any films that are bootlegged or copied. Legit movies only folks.

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