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Gremlins Fan Sequence *UPDATED*

Here is the incredible Gremlins Fan Sequence, this time with extra footage.

The concept behind it is when the video breaks during Gremlins 2, this would replace what you normally would see.
Brilliantly done if I say so, and the inclusion of gremlins seems seamless!

Gremlins Fan Sequence. BEYOND AMAZINGNESS!


This was designed by one of our readers nicknamed “The Bat Gremlin”, and takes one of the most creepy scenes in “The Exorcist” and throws gremlins into the mix! This clip is incredibly professional looking and quite a start for a fan project! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Unfortunately we cannot embed the video within the site, but feel free to follow the link and check out the awesomeness!

Who knows, maybe the gremlins will pop up in other movies soon…..Keep checking back to see what they are up to!

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