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Filmbalaya Reviews Gremlins (1984)

While browsing various blogs, I came across this post from about a week ago, and it is always nice to see people reviewing one of our favorite movies!

Filmbalaya recently decided to review Gremlins (1984) since Christmas is less than 6 months away and there is always time to enjoy some Gremlins and the Christmas cheer they bring.

A very brief but entertaining read, also check out their other very enjoyable movie reviews for some more  of your favorite most loved and maybe even hated films.


Here is a film to teach us a very important lesson in reading instructions. Before playing with your new Christmas toy, gadget, appliance, or in this case a Gizmo, one must not only pay close attention to the instructions, but follow them with meticulous care.’s Movie Of The Day is Gremlins 2: The New Batch—THE-NEW-BATCH/Page1.html

A nice addition to the Movie Of The Day series, even though there are a couple minor mistakes in the article. Primarily I refer to the mention of “Obviously dead” characters returning. While it was implied that the Futtermans (brilliantly played by Jackie Joseph and Dick Miller) were in a “freak accident” involving a snowplow, they were not killed.

Granted in the original script and up until the test screenings, reports have said that they were indeed killed, and even mentioned by Lew Landers, but were removed at the reaction from the screening audiences. The Futtermans were very likable characters and having them be absolutely killed is a bit dark even for Gremlins.

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