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Changes, Lack Of Updates, Lack Of things to be said?

Heyas all!

The last few months have been incredibly quiet on the Gremlins front, but surprisingly busy in my personal life, including my son turning 1, and moving to a new home.

Sadly, the momentum from the BT Gremlins ad seems to have died down and so have the rumors of Gremlins 3 yet again. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t one in the works, but that there isn’t anything being said.

There is some great news though, Zach Galligan’s newest film, Let Them Chirp Awhile, is finally being brought to Netflix! Be sure to queue it up and take a peek at a great film!

The promises of new gremlins products in the marketplace by the end of the year seem to be unlikely, since there hasn’t been anything beyond a few variations on t-shirt designs and whatnot.

Finally, I have done some long and hard thinking about the direction of Gremlins Online.
Don’t worry the site isn’t going anywhere. A couple months without news is par for the course for Gremlins, and as the 25th anniversary of the original film approaches, we probably will see a new version of Gremlins released, but after that? Who knows?
 That being said, I am considering expanding Gremlins Online to include more things of interest to those who might enjoy Gremlins…Ok who am I kidding? I am really considering adding more content of things I personally enjoy. Things I find neato and weird. The core of the site will still be Gremlins, but my goal is to keep up regular content, which is becoming difficult for our favorite (soon to be) 25 & 18 year old movies exclusively.

So expect to see more. More what? I don’t quite know yet, but comment, tell me what you want. Maybe we will even get those awesome forums I keep getting emails about!

I will say this, the site will not become a cookie-cutter random nostalgia site or anything. In all reality one of my favorite blogs is X-entertainment which I consider the most awesome blog ever, because of Matt’s approach to storytelling. So while I am not going to encroach on his market, I do hope to include some articles that are focused on things like: “WOAH I FOUND THIS THING!” and my excitement at shiny objects. Plus, I love weird things. I love reviewing things that probably don’t need to be reviewed. I also have no qualifications to post anything about anything, but hey, this is the internet! 

I also tend to get over-excited about strange things, and want to share that with you, the unwitting public!

Get Ready. Things are about to get….weird.

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