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Gremlins Vs BT Commercial: Behind The Scenes!

Here we have a bit more information on this awesome commercial which is actually brand new!

It seems all the gremlins were created from scratch, and were inspired obviously by the Gremlins from the first movie!

The befuddled office worker is played by the incredibly talented British entrepreneur Peter Jones.  (

According to the behind the scenes, the commercial was scheduled for debut on May 5, 2008, but it seems to have been released online early!

More updates as we get them!

(Thanks to all that sent this tip in!)

Huge News! Authentic Gremlins In British IT Commercial!

This is HUGE!

Before I say anything further, check it out!

The original is here:

Did you look? WOW!

This is a relatively new commercial, most likely from this year, so we can assume it was made in 2007.

Here is what is interesting:

  • The gremlins seem to be a mix of traditional puppet/wire effects and some CGI for the full body effects.
  • The music is directly from the movie, the same goes for the gremlin “voices”
  • The gremlins are designed after the Chris Walas Gremlins from the first film, with the green and brown look, as opposed to the tan and brown gremlins from the second film.
  • Stripe can be clearly seen while they are leaving the elevator.
  • The elevator is quite adequately lit, apparently someone didn’t check their facts before writing this…we can forgive them on this one.
  • The gremlins seem a bit shorter than usual, which must have been a creative decision.

Why did they choose the REAL gremlins as opposedto some nameless “gremlins” or monsters that other commercials have used? Who did the work on this? If anyone finds anything out about this, we would LOVE to know As Soon As Possible.

For those of you “across the pond”, does this commercial air regularly? Do people talk about it?

Special Thanks to Adam H. and the others that wrote in for bringing this to our attention!



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