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{Gremlins 3 Rumor Mill} Zach Galligan comments on Sacha’s Gremlins Clips & BT Commercial.

From Zach Galligan’s Personal Blog: (source)

People have been asking me lately if I’ve seen the BT spot that features gremlins. I have, and you can see it here.

People have also been asking if the tremendous response to the spot in the UK has in any way given momentum to future Gremlins projects, including a possible Gremlins 3.

The answer to that question is: in a way, yes. That’s all I can say right now.

Additionally, a young man named Sacha Feiner has created one of the most astounding Gremlins clips ever. It really defies description, so if you’re a fan, you can watch it here. But be sure to watch the jaw-dropping, hard-to-believe-but-true “Making Of” clip here. I guarantee you, you won’t forget it.

And yes, I can tell you that the people responsible for Gremlins have seen it too, and are pretty darn impressed.

That is all.

What does that mean for us Gremlins fans? Only time will tell! Stay Tuned for more info as it pops up!
Also if you are interested in what Zach Galligan is up to these days, check out his blog at He has some interesting adventures regarding concerts and trips all over the place! Keep in mind he is an acting teacher at NYU and his schedule prevents him from blogging regularly, so updates may be infrequent.

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