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Coming Soon! Interview with Andre Meadows, of Black Nerd Comedy Fame!

Heyas all!

Very soon Gremlins Online will have an exclusive interview with Andre Meadows, from!

He is a HUGE gremlins fan and even has created a character for his comedy called “Gangsta Gizmo”, which you have to see to believe! We will pic his nerdy brain to see what he thinks about all this Gremlins hullabaloo and if there should be a Gremlins 3!

So look forward to that soon, and in the meantime check out his site and don’t forget to vote for him on Reelzchannel’s Moviemob! (just click the banner and click on “Vote” on his picture. Hint: He’s the black nerd!)


It’s a weekly show where 10 people get to review the latest movies and movie trailers. Every week, the top 8 people get to stay, the bottom 2 go. So he needs your votes to stay in the game!

Lots of updates coming soon, so until then Stay out of the sunlight!!

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