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Dinosaur Dracula’s “Yet MORE Spooky Action Figures” Featuring LENNY!

Long time blog-friend of Gremlins Online, Dinosaur Dracula (Previously known as the amazing X-Entertainment) is continuing his always-entertaining Halloween Countdown and finally I have a reason to post about it here!

If you aren’t familiar, Dinosaur Dracula is a staple website for those of us who grew up with Gremlins, Ghoulies, Critters, He-Man, Ghostbusters and other pop culture icons of the 80’s and beyond. Matt, the creator of both Dinosaur Dracula takes us down a path of nostalgia in his own unique manner and thankfully a lack of snark that seems to pervade the internet these days. Matt genuinely loves what he does and it shows in the effort put into his articles.

For today’s entry on “Dinosaur Dracula 2014 Halloween Countdown” Matt shares the third installment of spooky action figures from his childhood (and ours, naturally.) If you scroll down a bit after reading the entries, you will see a familiar Chef from Gremlins 2; Lenny! He talks about the Applause figurine line that was pretty much all we got here in the states for Gremlins 2 toys. I remember buying my Gremlins 2 Figurines at the hospital gift shop at St. Luke’s in Milwaukee, as well as Steins Garden & Gifts in brookfield. Seriously, do you know how hard it is to make up a reason as a kid to go to a garden store? I’ll tell you: It was very difficult.

So check out the link below and read the rest of the countdown. Gremlins are all over his site, don’t be afraid to search the archives foe memories of toys and fads long gone.

Exclusive Interview with Aelia Petro, Author of 30 Years Of Gremlins!

First off, if you haven’t read through this incredible book, be sure to do it right away! ImageIt is absolutely essential reading for every Gremlins fan of all ages. Aelia has put together an unrivaled look at the 1984 film with personally-conducted interviews with cast and crew along with photos you won’t find anywhere else.

Check the book out here, completely free & available only online at
I had the pleasure of interviewing Aelia as she was finishing this book, and while the intent was originally to release the interview when the book launched on June 8th to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Gremlins, I decided to wait until people had some time to enjoy the book and absorb the incredible amount of love that was put into the project before posting the interview.

Check it out after the break!

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All The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day has to do is eat three or four children and there’d be the most appalling publicity.

Ain’t It Cool News has put up a new Behind-The-Scenes Pic Of the day featuring Christopher Lee, better known to Gremlins fans as the mad scientist Dr. Catheter in Gremlins 2: The New Batch!

Awesome hi-rez pic!

Amazing how so many legends have worked on screen and off in the Gremlins films!

New Gremlins Toys available for order in Previews!

Hey Folks

Quick update here, I just got my hands on the September issue of Previews (#276), which shows off new comic books and toys coming out in the near future.

On page 384 it shows off the 3 new NECA Gremlins action figures, Daffy, Flasher Gremlin and George.

If these are the final sculpts, they look spectacular, just like the ones we saw previewed at SDCC earlier this year!

As you can see in the “Click To Embiggen” picture, they are scheduled to ship sometime in November and come 3 to a case, and should retail for $17.99 each.

Want to guarantee yourself these awesome figures? Stop by your local comic, hobby or gaming shop  and ask them if they do special pre-orders from Previews. (Kryptonite Kollectibles is a great place to order them if you are near Southern Wisconsin of course I am biased since I work there. ) Offer to pay a percentage down or just pay them off right away and almost any store will be more than happy to order them for you! Then you just need to count the days until you get that phone call that your awesome Gremlins figures are in-stock!

Show your local businesses that Gremlins are a great investment, and you may meet a few new Gremlins fans along the way!

Rambling Stuffs, Fan Submissions and Win Gremlins on DVD!

Hey folks, hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas or whatever you may celebrate, free of being given vicious little monsters for presents.

I have been running around like a Gremlin with its head cut off between work and taking care of things around the house, a

nd just got knocked out of duty by a killer cold. While I am sure you are not interested in my health status and hyperbolically imminent demise, just thought you might like to know why I haven’t updated in a month.

However, Friend Of Gremlins Online, The Black Nerd, Andre Meadows, once again comes to the rescue and saves me from

actually having to post content, and instead show off his awesome videos! This time he is giving away 4 copies of Gremlins on DVD!

Just watch the video to find out how to win! It seems pretty easy, and I would love someone from Gremlins Online to win…I mean come on, you guys are the most awesome gremlins fans out there so you should naturally get free DVDs and stuff for simply existing. Plus we are all keeping the hope alive for a Gremlins 3 in the future so that right there is more than enough qualification to win DVDs and books and lotteries and everything else neat out there.

Apparently the cold meds are kicking in and I am obviously rambling on and on, just maybe making a little less sense than I usually do, so I should probably end this post.  So of course, I won’t.  (More info plus stuff about “fan submissions” after the jump)

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