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{Gremlins 3 News} Chris Columbus says the new Gremlins film will “Almost definitely” be a reboot.

gremlin3q.gifAccording to a very short article, Chris Columbus says that the new Gremlins Film will “Almost definitely” be a reboot.

Doesn’t really tell us anything solid or further details, but at least people are still talking to those involved

Take it with a huge grain of salt folks. The article is pretty poorly written, and if you look at the URL, they didn’t even spell Goonies or Gremlins correctly. They also made the mistake of claiming Gremlins was released in 1985, when we all aware it released in the summer of 1984. While this may seem minor, it just shows a lack of thoroughness on the part of the writer.

We all want a new Gremlins film/product/cartoon/etc, but I for one am at the point where I will believe it when I see something concrete more than someone saying “things are in the works”.


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