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Gremlins: Recall A Brand-New Fan Film

Well this is a nice Christmas bonus for us Gremlins fans!
Writer & Director Ryan Patrick has unleashed Gremlins: Recall, a modern-day take on the Gremlins concept.

With a heavy reliance on practical effects, and some great cinematography, this is an exciting addition to the Gremlins fan film collective!

Check it out on youtube below!

Then when you finish the video, check out the incredible behind-the-scenes video on how the practical puppets were made to work.

I plan on writing up a review of the fan video later this week, but while there are some cute nods to the original film, Ryan Patrick and co take this in a different direction with a different kind of sentimentality than either of the first two Gremlins films.

I hope you enjoyed the film as you can tell a lot of work was put into it.  Let me know what you think!

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