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{Gremlins 3} Chris Columbus is working on the script, which will be “twisted and dark”

According to a short piece over at Slashfilm, Chris Columbus has been hard at work on a new script for Gremlins 3 that will be “twisted and dark as anything” and will likely touch on the concept of eliminating gizmo to eliminate the Gremlin threat.


Some sites have taken that to mean that Gizmo might be murdered in the film, but that is nowhere to be seen in Columbus’ brief statements.

To me it sounds more like a general musing and his personal feeling that if there is a creature capable of spawning unholy monsters that destroy everything in sight, and can easily multiply with malevolence, yeah…you might want to keep that thing under control one way or the other.

Either way, the important thing is this is further confirmation that Gremlins 3 is in some state of development and we will eventually see a new film someday!

Check out Slashfilm for the full article and more quotes by Chris Columbus on the film!

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