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Trading? Protect yourself!

This is a bit of a Public Service Announcement to the Gremlins community at large.

Recently there have been a few individuals who have attempted to scam other users by using other peoples’ photos as their own, sometimes acquired off ebay or other public trade posts.

Simple suggestions to keep you safe while trading for those rare Gremlins collectibles:

*When possible, use a reputed site like eBay when purchasing items.

*If you are doing an online trade, request pictures with some kind of proof, like a hand written note with the date or a certain message along with the photos of the product. This won’t necessarily protect you from someone who has no intent to send you your items, but it at least tells you they have the items they say they do.

*Don’t be afraid to get references from other traders in your community.

Essentially it all comes down to using common sense and doing some research to  protect yourself.
I don’t want to see fellow Gremlins fans get scammed out of their hard-earned Gremlins collectibles or money!

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