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Warner Bros Hires Goosebumps film writer to script Gremlins Remake/Reboot

Hey folks!

Not a whole lot to see here, but it looks like WB is trying to get things rolling with a new writer for the long-delayed Gremlins film that really, we know pretty much nothing about.

As usual, Spielberg has veto power on these things so it is possible that he simply will say “no” after reading a finished draft and we will be back to square one. Then again, it could be fantastic. We need a new generation of Gremlins Fans to get into the series and something less scary than Gremlins but more intense than Gremlins 2 could be appropriate. After watching Joe Dante’s “The Hole” I know that family-friendly horror/adventure films can still be done, but that genre is far from the moneymaker it was 30 years ago….

Full story here:

I have reached out to Warner Bros for comment on the story but have not heard back yet. I will be sure to update this if anything comes up.


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