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Hey folks

27-FlasherGremlin_zps12d7e0a5I was reading a Fangoria from 1984 last night and in an interview with Chris Walas there was mention of some scenes shot but unused regarding a running gag with the Flasher Gremlin. Apparently he would open his coat and have a bunch of watches on the inside as if he were trying to sell stolen merchandise (in oh-so-80’s fashion). 
Have any photos ever popped up online of this scene or any of the other flasher gremlin gags? 

This also got me to thinking about the entire Dorry’s Pub sequence. Everyone knows that there were over 120 different gags conceived by the cast and crew for this legendary shoot, but is there a compilation of the pub scene that could have been if the budget was there and time wasn’t a constraint? 


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