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The Mog Squad: Mogwai & Gremlins Collectors

A few people have me asked about The Mog Squad that Aelia mentioned in the interview that was just posted here.

The group is a facebook-based group of Gremlins collectors from around the world that come together to discuss various aspects of collecting Gremlins merchandise, props, replicas and of course, a full line of jams and jellies.

The most vocal participants are those that are currently working hard to show the world that there is a significant demand for future NECA Gremlins action figures.

Whether you are just a fan wanting to show off your collection, looking to see some super unique Gremlin-tastic items or if you are trying to find that last piece for your display case, this is the place to go. Check it out at: or just search in your facebook bar for Mog squad. To prevent spam and other annoyances, the group is set to private but you can request membership once you find the page.

Hope to see you all there!

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