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Whatculture’s 10 Reasons against a Gremlins Reboot…

Hey gang check this neat article out over at Whatculture!.

A few interesting alternative ideas are presented as well as ways to save a reboot from being unbearable. 

What do you think?

One response to “Whatculture’s 10 Reasons against a Gremlins Reboot…

  1. lucifersam01 February 7, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    When they announce the gremlins reboot project was on, I was (and still am) sceptical. Seeing gremlins back on the Big Screen up for another invasion is exiting, but when I’m looking at the others reboots done (predators, the thing, total recall), I’m thinking it’s not such a good idea.
    About this article, well of course the original actor can’t be good for the job now, and of course Jerry Goldsmith can’t come back to life to make a music for the film (R I P). Too bad Joe Dante isn’t involve, I’m a big fan of his films in general, but also, what would have happened ? Stuck with a producer telling him the way he should make this movie or he’ll cut off the supplies ? The flaming war between Dante and Hollywood producers isn’t a secret for anybody, and even if he would have loved to work on gremlins again (and I would have loved to see this too !), I don’t think he would have been happy about working with a dictator on his shoulder, and the film would be as bad as if he wasn’t here. But Terry Gilliam is a fun idea 😀
    But let’s focus on the main characters : the gremlins and gizmo. CGI vs puppets, modern warfare. CGI can bring a lot to the characters, the way they move, the way they interract, and 3d industry is well developped to get some impressive results (just look at this pic : ). But it can also get the best of it, and Jar Jar Binks is the best example of the worst CGI can get to ruin a show. Erase puppets would be a bad ideas. Jurassic Park works well because most of the dinosaurs are animatronics, with CGI used only when characters are making elaborates moves (running, jumping, slaughtering a guy 😛 ). So I’m not against some CGI scene, but an entire movie without a puppet is not going to work.
    Redesigning the creatures now depends on what they’re going to do : more cartoony ? or scarier ? The first gremlins model did find the right design to get both of them. The second design was more cartoony. But in any case, they must keep what makes a gremlin a gremlin : long spiky ears, evil eyes, 3 fingers, reptiles looking like skin. Now it’s a reboot of the first movie, but would it not be a good idea to get a different story with different characters on it, so the first movie stays the only original, and the reboot is just another way to use the creatures, without anything to do with Dante’s masterpiece ? Just like Dante did for the second film (exit scary gremlins in a little town like a 50’s horror film, and welcome funny gremlins in a High Tech Building in a satirical critic on modern society).
    Exposing the origin of the mogwai and the 3 rules would be a terrible idea ! Just watch Prometheus trying to give Alien an origin. It’s breaking a myth, destroying an exciting secret (our childhood secret !) and finally always making us disappointed because that’s not what we expected at all. We don’t need to know how or where. What could be interesting is to use some ideas from the second that weren’t use back then : the intelligent potion (making an evil chief trying to make an army to reach the sea and invade the world) or the genetic sunblock (so they got no problem with light again, but I don’t think it’s a good idea because it’s erasing one thing that’s making the gremlins what they are). But I’m assuming it’s all up to Warner anyway. So I’ll just wait and see.

    Anyway nice article, even if the author is complaining about the inevitable. Joe Dante said it will happen anyway. He didn’t know when, but he knows better how hollywood works, the best like the worst ! We’ll see about that in a couple of years now.

    ( And I guess a reboot will revive gremlins online too 😀 )

    And sorry for long comment 😛

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