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Gremlins Preservation Project

Hey folks!

One thing that many people have asked me over the years I have been running Gremlins Online is that people want to get their hands on the various Gremlins articles that were featured in magazines and newspapers in the 1980’s. Unfortunately as time goes on, the opportunities to acquire these articles become more and more infrequent. 

Sure you can order them on ebay from time to time, but the fact that they are nearly 30 years old means that many have degraded from use or prices are astronomical.

This is where we come in.  I would like to introduce the “Gremlins Preservation Project” 

I am looking for people that are willing to help preserve these articles digitally.Image

Now keep in mind any articles or magazines that are available already we will not be archiving, as those can be acquired from normal sources. This is only for hard to get items that people otherwise would not be able to enjoy. Example: Fangoria is in the process of digitizing their library in ebook /app form, so Fangoria articles would not be included in the project. (the image is just included for an example) We will also be directing people to those resources, which hopefully will help the companies putting their Gremlins articles (or magazines containing Gremlins articles) out there see that there is significant demand for their product.
As more becomes available for purchase online, we will remove our archival versions. 

So the first step in the GPP is to gather as much information about the magazines and newspapers that featured the Gremlins films. (We will begin with Gremlins then work on Gremlins 2 at a later date) 

Here is what is needed from you if you want to help the GPP:
(Feel free to use this as a template for any submissions)

Email Subject: GPP Submission from (your name)

Source Type: (Magazine/Newspaper/Etc)
Source Name: (Example: Atlanta Journal or Starlog Magazine)
Source Date: (As close as possible to the release date)
Issue: (Specific issue or volume. For newspaper, specific date)
Country: (The country this was released)
Cover Image (Please attach an image of the cover if possible)
Other Details: (Any other details you would like to share about the source)

email any of them to me Jypsy27 AT (change the AT to @) and I’ll begin adding them to an upcoming section of Gremlins Online. All contributors will be credited in a contributor’s section. 

So let’s do this, let’s keep all that information alive! Even though the years may pass and the paper may fade, we can ensure everyone will enjoy these articles for years to come!

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