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Metamorphosis. A change of shape, and appearance.

This was originally posted on Google+, but as many of you know, I have dabbled with various styles of content here on Gremlins Online.

Don’t worry, Gremlins Online isn’t going anywhere! Instead it just might get a little more interesting.

I’ve been reading some of my favorite G+ writers, such as +Leo Laporte,+Simon Salt , +Chris Pirillo , as well as +Ferrett Steinmetz and have come to a conclusion that one thing that is necessary in getting people to understand and enjoy your content: Content. Any type, any time, anywhere. The most entertaining blogs can go from random articles about a topic that is pushing their buttons at the moment, to the finer points of LEGO crafting, to sexual advice in (insert MMORPG here) without missing a beat.

Why does this work?

Because it is who the Content Creators are. It isn’t a situation of “I think you want to hear about my new gadget”. Rather it is “I am going to talk about my new gadget, come along for the ride if you want to”.

Those that know me, know my eclectic tastes often drive me to attempt creating and publicizing highly niche blogs and social media posts. I tried making a blog focused exclusively on “B” movies, (you know, oscar condenders like Mega Piranha, Sharktopus, Troll 2, etc) but found that I wanted almost immediately to branch out to not-so-terrible movies and quirky films to share with others. Hell, I even spent a considerable amount of time working on yet another review website when I was welcomed into the reviewing team.
Of course, I still maintain and update Gremlins Online but find that to be limiting at times as well. Let’s be honest here, Warner Bros is not exactly churning out new Gremlins stuff daily for me to dissect.

So what is the solution? Well instead of JohnPaul to write about 10 different things on 10 different blogs, I think it is time for JohnPaul to write about what JohnPaul would want to read.
My folly was relegating this interesting niche content to the dark rape-alleys of the internet where it would languish in a pile of it’s own blood after creation, praying for me to hit that “Delete Blog” button in mercy. Alas, I shall not be that merciful deity, rather I will be resurrecting all that content that is out there and frankensteining it into one place where I can just write about….anything.
This is a massive feeling of relief. It allows me to share my enjoyment of niche hobbies and at the same time unburden myself with “do people really want to read this topic on this site?”.

The great thing about the internet is that you can take content or you can leave it.

I will be leaving content here, feel free to take some.

Get ready folks, this is going to be interesting

2 responses to “Metamorphosis. A change of shape, and appearance.

  1. Brett Nolan (@OTGGamer) February 16, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Have you given any though to doing a “where are they now?” post on the Gremlins cast and crew (with pictures) for those of us too lazy to just hit up IMDB? 😉

  2. lucifersam01 January 17, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    “a blog focused exclusively on “B” movies”, A “B” movie fan ? I like it ! I also am. As a 3D creator, SciFi movies like megashark vs giant octoppus or Megasnake are so terribly made that they become attractive and terribly funny. The Troma’s ones are excellent too (my favorites are Toxic Avenger and Night of the chicken dead). But the funniest is still to me the 1966 Batman, with Adam West.
    Perhaps you already know it, but this site “trailers from hell” is really great if you wanna find old B movie stuff (it was created by a bunch of director and a weird guy name… Joe Dante !!).
    And you’re right, Gremlins’ news are poor. But the link to the skateboards you found was really neat, and a friend of mine send me this link to a shirt I’ll get soon for sure :
    But exept by-products, there’s no real news we gremlins’ fan can enjoy. Guess we’ll have to wait until we get a third, a remake or a prequel (why not ?).

    For now, I’m waiting to see what JohnPaul has to share 🙂
    In the meantime, here is a video of a talented guitar player who remaked the gremlins theme into a rock version. May your ears enjoy it :

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