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New Gremlins Toys available for order in Previews!

Hey Folks

Quick update here, I just got my hands on the September issue of Previews (#276), which shows off new comic books and toys coming out in the near future.

On page 384 it shows off the 3 new NECA Gremlins action figures, Daffy, Flasher Gremlin and George.

If these are the final sculpts, they look spectacular, just like the ones we saw previewed at SDCC earlier this year!

As you can see in the “Click To Embiggen” picture, they are scheduled to ship sometime in November and come 3 to a case, and should retail for $17.99 each.

Want to guarantee yourself these awesome figures? Stop by your local comic, hobby or gaming shop  and ask them if they do special pre-orders from Previews. (Kryptonite Kollectibles is a great place to order them if you are near Southern Wisconsin of course I am biased since I work there. ) Offer to pay a percentage down or just pay them off right away and almost any store will be more than happy to order them for you! Then you just need to count the days until you get that phone call that your awesome Gremlins figures are in-stock!

Show your local businesses that Gremlins are a great investment, and you may meet a few new Gremlins fans along the way!


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