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{Gremlins Online Exclusive!} Intro Footage from the unreleased Gremlins PS2/Gamecube game

Folks, this is the big news I have been wanting to share with you for a very long time now.

Let’s just get to it.

This was given to Gremlins Online over a year ago, with the understanding that it not be made public for at least a year, and that it would not be available for download.

The game was looking pretty unique, and the footage would have been universal for the PS2 and Gamecube versions.

A fascinating tidbit learned from a source that wishes not to be named; after finishing a milestone in the project, there was simply no communication or response from the publishing company and no further instructions on the Gremlins project. It simply disappeared. Apparently those involved with LSP were used to this kind of behavior, often going weeks or even more without any communication from the project leads. Since then, all involved have moved onto new (and hopefully better) projects, but I am proud to share this bit of footage with you.

I am personally intrigued that Warner Bros allowed LSP to make such radical departure from established canon in the form of the Mogwai Council, as well as having Gizmo reproduce a new version of a long-dead enemy. Again, I don’t really know how much WB had approved, and these changes might have something to do with the game’s termination.

Again, I apologize that I cannot offer the video for download, but I hope you are as excited as I am to finally get to enjoy a little bit of the game that never was.

More info to come soon!

3 responses to “{Gremlins Online Exclusive!} Intro Footage from the unreleased Gremlins PS2/Gamecube game

  1. Jörg Weese August 29, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Silly me. The whole of the first movie happens in winter after all 8) – thanks for the detailed explanation, though. Makes sense, in a movie logic kind of way 😉

  2. Jörg Weese August 28, 2011 at 9:36 am

    Another problem with the location might have been explaining why Gizmo could walk on snow/ice (frozen water, essentially, which would melt on touching his paws) without leaving a trail of “evil” Mogwais behind him. Oh, what the hey. I might still have bought the game.

    • JP Cupertino August 29, 2011 at 10:17 am

      This issue occurred in the original Gremlins movie as well, but is easily explained by the idea that beer didn’t make the gremlins multiply either.

      Check out the Bio Background section, it goes into a bit of detail regarding water temperatures and quantity.

      Keep in mind for a Mogwai to multiply, it specifically needs to be “water” and water functions differently on the molecular level than ice or snow.
      The amount of water in a melted bit of snow (due to body heat, etc) is a far cry from a eyedropper of water. Of course it could accumulate as anyone tasked with trudging through the snow knows, but it appears both mogwai and its metamorphosed form are unaffected by snow, melted or otherwise. Again this likely has to do with the temperature and quantity. Maybe this will be explored sometime in the future.

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