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Hey Folks!

All has been way too quiet on the Gremlins front for a long while now, and I think we can all agree we would just like to have some kind of news regarding the development (or not) of Gremlins 3 from someone in the know.  Everyone I have spoken to that would know anything about the film has said the same thing: “There is progress, but it is all talk right now”

That doesn’t mean there won’t ever be a Gremlins 3, and it doesn’t mean it will definitely happen either. It just is a sample of what hollywood is known for. Talking. Everyone “absolutely wants to” do another movie (with the exception of Joe Dante, but even he is sure there will be a G3 eventually) but no one “absolutely wants to” put the money forward to really make this happen.

Bringing a property back that has seen no activity on TV or film in over 20 years is a hard sale unless it is a reboot, but then the questions are asked: Does Gremlins NEED a reboot? and Would it work in 2011?

The fact of Ghostbusters 3 still hasn’t happened really hurts the chances of Gremlins 3 happening anytime reasonably soon. If you are wondering how the two are related, as they are both from completely separate companies, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 were massive commercial successes spawning merchandise beyond what Gremlins could and has done. There have been 2 (3 if you include Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters) cartoon series, and there is a lot of activity on the fan front. (see if you want the best Ghostbusters site out there!) Gremlins has you, the fantastic and loyal gremlins fans, but sadly it pales in comparison to the size of the Ghostbusters fan segment. More fans = more money.

Now if there were a way we could show the studios that Gremlins is a financial blockbuster and they are insane not to make the movie RIGHT NOW, we would be in great shape. So keep the fan art, fan videos and discussion flowing. We know they are watching this site, and if we keep up the momentum and show them that there is a lot of money to be made from bringing back our favorite property, it just might help convince the ones that are on the fence to finally give the green light to our green friends!

If you are a fan of Black Nerd Comedy, there is a new addition to the Fandom section for you to enjoy! Check it out!


2 responses to “Nothing to see here, move along.

  1. lucifersam01 April 6, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Want update ? I have some great news :
    Neca is about to launch for June 2011 some new gremlins collectibles and toys, from the new batch. And trust me, we won’t be disappointed !
    I’m not telling more, the best to do is to check out by yourself :

    Then you can imagine that if they’re doing that now, perhaps it is a way to prepare people for a possible Gremlins 3 who knows 😀
    That’s anyway impressive, another great job from Neca and I’m really excited about that !

  2. hamslime March 21, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    I wonder what there is to talk about? Find someone who will write a script. get someone to direct it, hire some actors. BANG! A movie is born. Hollywood has been doing this for some time, I don’t get why doing another Gremlins movie is so difficult.

    Honestly if someone in Hollywood was interested in doing another Gremlins movie it would have been past the “talking” stage LONG ago.

    Here’s a crazy idea. That Sacha Fiener (spelling?) guy who did that amazing Gremlins short (You know the one I’m talking about. EVERY Gremlins fan knows the one I’m talking about) Get him a script if he doesn’t have one already and set up a donation fund so he can do what he needs to make a full length “fan made” Gremlins movie. I know I’d be willing to drop at least $20 a paycheck if it meant that it would get done.

    I don’t know what he spent to make that first short but I figure he would be able to make an amazing Gremlins movie for far less that however many millions Hollywood would need to make it. And who knows, once it’s done maybe Werner Brothers will pick it up and I can get my $20 back, Sacha wins his first Oscar for Best Dicector, and Werner Bros has a hit movie in their mits. EVERYBODY WINS!!!

    Of course the other option is that everyone does what they’ve been doing and pretending there’s no possible way to make a Gremlins movie work and continue to “talk” about it.

    On the plus side we DO have two amazing movies featuring Gremlins already as well as another Joe Dante masterpiece The Hole floating around there somewhere.

    On an unrelated note to our gracious webmaster. I did send some fan art your way but I haven’t seen it posted. Just want to know if you got it or if I should send it again.

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