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Rambling Stuffs, Fan Submissions and Win Gremlins on DVD!

Hey folks, hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas or whatever you may celebrate, free of being given vicious little monsters for presents.

I have been running around like a Gremlin with its head cut off between work and taking care of things around the house, a

nd just got knocked out of duty by a killer cold. While I am sure you are not interested in my health status and hyperbolically imminent demise, just thought you might like to know why I haven’t updated in a month.

However, Friend Of Gremlins Online, The Black Nerd, Andre Meadows, once again comes to the rescue and saves me from

actually having to post content, and instead show off his awesome videos! This time he is giving away 4 copies of Gremlins on DVD!

Just watch the video to find out how to win! It seems pretty easy, and I would love someone from Gremlins Online to win…I mean come on, you guys are the most awesome gremlins fans out there so you should naturally get free DVDs and stuff for simply existing. Plus we are all keeping the hope alive for a Gremlins 3 in the future so that right there is more than enough qualification to win DVDs and books and lotteries and everything else neat out there.

Apparently the cold meds are kicking in and I am obviously rambling on and on, just maybe making a little less sense than I usually do, so I should probably end this post.  So of course, I won’t.  (More info plus stuff about “fan submissions” after the jump)

I was considering drawing another rad picture for everyone, this time of gremlins to make everyone happy and love me again. Quickly though, I realized the paper is in the other room, with the marker likely being in another room altogether. I then contemplated grabbing some of my 3 year old son’s crayons which are scattered about our living room disaster area floor. That all requires effort, and we aren’t even talking about taking a half-tolerable picture and posting it online and making this post explaining it to you.

Here is what I will do instead. I will pretend I drew a picture, leave a bunch of blank space just below this paragraph, and then you can pretend it is a crudely drawn picture of a Gremlin riding a Dragon through the night sky while cackling maniacally, but in reality looks like a bunch of squiggly lines drawn by a delusional meth addict. (That’s how I have actually had my art and penmanship described in the past, the deranged scribbling of a delusional meth addict)
Ok here is your pretend awesome picture.


drawn by Jypsy on 12/26/2010

Pretty awesome, eh?

Well I am pretty sure I have alienated the vast majority of people that still read the site, so I figure I might as well get to the next cool thing.

If you have stuck with the post this long, it is likely you wanted to know why Fan submissions were mentioned in the post title. I am not a great fanfic writer, however I tried a few when I was younger, all of which are lost now to the sea of time. This is where you all come in.

I realized there are a surprising amount of Gremlins fans that are fantastic writers, artists and video directors,  so in the next month I plan on redoing the Fan Art section to become the Fanhouse section. (Maybe someone has a better name for it? I was considering  naming the category simply “Fandom” earlier…) After toiling in my mind for some time regarding fan contributions, and attempting to only include mostly mainstream videos due to my intentions in keeping the site family-friendly, I realized that there is room for everyone here on Gremlins Online!  You guys are right, there is lots of neat stuff happening in the Gremlins universe, and you are the ones creating it!

So here is the plan: I am going to set up a submission form very very soon. Assuming I figure out what needs to go on it, I could have it up in a few hours.  Just submit your fan art, fanfics, videos, editorials, ideas, scripts, whatever you want, and I will take a peek at it, making sure it isn’t too “out there” (sorry no tentacle monsters having graphic scenes with schoolgirls folks) and as long as it is at least barely Gremlins related, I’ll be happy to put it up.

There are a few rules, of course, and they will evolve with time.

  • First and foremost, proofread your work. If it is written up with poor grammar or spelling I simply will ask you to fix it before posting it online.
  • Keep the content reasonable. This applies primarily in regards to sexuality and vulgarity. Some people read Gremlins Online when at public computers, and while there will be a disclaimer noting that the writing and fan art is property of the authors, I really don’t want to deal with angry emails asking why there are extremely obscene things on my blog.  Use Common Sense. If your mom would be seriously offended, it doesn’t belong here.
  • Only submit your own material. This is a big one, if someone else helped you write it, give them written credit and make sure you have their permission as well to post this.  If you find something you think would be great for the Fandom page, then contact the creator and ask them to submit it to Gremlins Online.
  • Be aware that once something is on the internet, it potentially will be there forever. Anyone could copy your creation and take credit, so please be sure to take proper measures to prevent that from happening.
  • Please don’t send us things like photos of things that “look like gremlins” or conversations about gremlins you had online. Anecdotes and stories are more than fine, as is online roleplaying, but please edit it so it reads similar to a story.
  • Incomplete material is discouraged. If you plan on finishing it later with additional content, please note that in your submission. Just don’t stop the story mid paragraph or have fragments all over the place.

Other than that, I really want to see what you folks can do. This is your time to shine and show off your skills. Previously the Fan Art section was of stuff I thought was cool. Now it is your turn to show the world what cool stuff you have done, regardless of my take on it.

If this goes well, I plan on having some contests and more stuff to get people motivated and find others to join the fun! Maybe Gremlins Online could host a Gremlin-centric NaNoWriMo contest in 2011.

Anyways, there you have it.  A few rambling cold-medicine induced rants and some awesome new info! Let me know what you think and you never know, we might be looking to branch Gremlins Online out in the future…and if we are looking for writers or artists to help out, that is the first place we will look!

3 responses to “Rambling Stuffs, Fan Submissions and Win Gremlins on DVD!

  1. lucifersam01 December 27, 2010 at 4:11 am

    Really interresting idea ! Hope this will work !

    (ps : I can’t see your draw. Is that a problem from the blog ? Or is my Internet completly suck ? 😀 )

    • hamslime January 8, 2011 at 1:03 am

      How do we submit any artwork? I have a picture I’d like to send to you but my caveman brain can’t quite figure out where to submit or e-mail it.

      I suppose I could put a link up so you can see it, but you say you want to review them first.

      Let me know what’s up. In the mean time I’m either going to go eat some glue and smash things or maybe I’ll do something a little more productive, like do up another Gremlins picture.

      • JP Cupertino January 8, 2011 at 9:29 pm

        I am working on a submission form that will be part of the site. The thing is the comments loading tons of graphics and videos bog the loading time for the site down so much that it gets irritating. To clean it up and allow everyone to add their own material, I’m working on a section for members creations.

        I think I almost have it done, I’ll post when it is ready.

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