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Website Updates and housecleaning…virtually and literally.

Heyas all!

As many of you have noticed by now, some things have been shifting around in the last few weeks here at Gremlins Online, and I just wanted to give you a heads up and a chance to voice your ideas on how we can together make Gremlins Online evenmore awesome.

First off the biggest changes are in the comments. We have been getting assaulted with a ridiculous amount of spam lately, and a few have been slipping through the cracks. To solve this and make sure this site doesn’t turn into a cesspool of annoying spammers barely even speaking engrish, here is what is changing:

  • All commenters must be registered on to comment. 
    For some this is a minor inconvenience but in reality it is something that should have been done long ago. Registering also fixes another minor issue people have contacted me about; Nickname stealing. So once you are registered you can customize your profile and do a ton of stuff you couldn’t otherwise. Your posts will not be manually moderated either, so no delay inposting on those days that I am too lethargic to check the comments queue and figure out which are real and which are attempting to get me to purchase brazilian mogwai cream. (yes I actually was offered this in a spam email once upon a time)
  • Link restrictions in comments
    I put some more aggressive restrictions into action on the links that are in comments. Hopefully this will cut down on the malicious links that have popped up here and there.
  • Less comments displayed per page on default.
    This is really another simple change that shouldn’t really affect most of you. We are only going to show the first few most recent comments on each page. Mainly this is another way of decreasing load times on the site, but also will be nice for those who don’t really care about the discussions to have to scroll through a massive long page of commenting. The discussion will still be there, you will just need to page through it manually now.
    Other changes site-wide are going to slowly get implemented, but they are designed to speed up the site’s loading times for the most part and make the site easier to navigate. Most will be transparent to the users but it mainly is making sure all pictures are on our servers and minimal links offsite when possible.

The only thing you may see is having the youtube tag disabled in comments and in main posts. It really slows down the site and I don’t think you should be subjected to an onslaught of videos unless you are reading an article or viewing the vault. (which is going to be eventually overhauled as well, more on that later.)

Unfortunately I had to scrap part of a major project for the site I spent many months developing, which was a detailed analysis of connections to other films and movies. Some were simple like a reference on a cartoon, others were actual sets and props being used in the program/movie. I was unable to get permission for some of the assets that would have really been the focus of the site, and because of this I really don’t want to put up a half-baked idea when it has the potential to be super rad. That said, I do plan on getting the connections area of the site up, but I will have to retool the sections to remove parts. Yeah, I am being vague on this, but at the moment there is really no more I can say without getting into grey territory.

Anyways, I am hoping to have a lot to post in the near future regarding Gremlins, there are a few neato items in the pipe to be released, but no firm dates or detailed information yet. Basically the lack of really interesting Gremlins collectables comes down to companies saying “We have this Cool Thing, we are totally going to sell you this Cool Thing” then waiting to see if there is any serious demand before they make said Cool Thing, or they just cancel it completely due to lack of interest or “production issues”.

Neca hasn’t had much to say regarding Gremlins except that the Gizmo’s Great Escape game is selling considerably well for a non-Heroclix product.

I am off to finish cleaning my apartment and rearranging to my gremlin of a son won’t feel so inclined to make diving headbutts off couches into tables or shelves…or walls for that matter.

Have fun folks, and remember to stay out of the light, especially sunlight, it will kill him.




2 responses to “Website Updates and housecleaning…virtually and literally.

  1. JP Cupertino November 15, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Thanks for your input, This design is a bit more flexible for what I hope to accomplish with the site in the near future, and leaves options open for more cool stuff.
    Honestly one of the biggest reasons is with the previous layout, if any more tabs were added, they would be cut off.

    I am still searching for a “perfect fit” for the site but for now this is pretty nice.

  2. alishashaun November 13, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    i hate spam. i miss he old website. it looked more “stable”. now it looks like everything is floating around the page. i once got a spam for magwai cream cheese.

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