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[Video Vault] Gremlins 2 NES Promo Video!

Heyas all!

This is a very unique video featuring some original puppetry for the Gremlins 2 NES Video game.

I apologize if the Video Vault has been running slowly as of late, in the near future I plan on splitting the Video Vault into sections to speed up the load time on those pages, as well as aid in organization.

In the meantime check out this video!

  • Gremlins 2 NES Industry Promotional Video (Official)
    This is a quite rare promotional video that was given to potential retailers and vendors for the NES Gremlins 2 video game. This type of promo video is actually quite common in many industries, especially the video game market. The biggest difference is the distribution method, this video was originally a videocassette mailed out with the flyer shown at 1:35, whereas most companies simply host a video on their website and then send an email out to prospective retailers or vendors telling them where to find it.
    Very nice find by Sacha Feiner!


One response to “[Video Vault] Gremlins 2 NES Promo Video!

  1. Lanny D. Crepit November 2, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    Too bad it cuts off half-way in…

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