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New additions to the Video Vault!

A few new additions to the Video Vault today, thanks to Lucifer Sam, including his own contribution featuring his incredible drumming abilities taking on the Gremlins Rag! Check them out, and tell us what you think!

  • Hot Cold Sodas and Cold Hot Popcorn (Fan Made Video)
    This is a clever fan-made video featuring the Hulkster in a techno remix with a bunch of Gremlins 2 clips, reinventing Hulk Hogan’s famous cameo in Gremlins 2: The New Batch. After a few viewings this track actually gets in your head pretty nicely. Thanks to Lucifer Sam for the heads up!

  • Michael Winslow Gremlin Prank Phone Call  (Live Stand Up Clip)
    The legendary man of a thousand voices (and even more sound effects) Michael Winslow in a stand up clip where he describes a prank phone call where he decides to be a Gremlin. Very hilarious clip! However, he claims he was Stripe in the movie Gremlins, but the credits claim that Stripe’s voice was done by Frank Welker. Possible mistake on Winslow’s part? or is there more to the story? Stay tuned! Thanks to Lucifer Sam for this great clip!

  • Lucifer Sam Gremlins Drum Demo (Fan Made Video)
    Here, one of our regular readers, Lucifer Sam shows off his drumming skills by playing the surprisingly complex Gremlins Rag from the original Gremlins film! Quite an impressive display of drumming talent, and worth a viewing! More from Lucifer Sam can be found at his YouTube page.


2 responses to “New additions to the Video Vault!

  1. Arch October 8, 2009 at 10:58 am

    So…where are the first two videos? they’re not showing up. 😦

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