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Gremlins ate my comments!

Oh no! Did Gremlins eat your comments?

Probably not. They were most likely deleted.

Lately there have been a large amount of comments that are, for the most part, spam.
Either they are so poorly written that they are unintelligible, or they are obvious trolling efforts.
Do you want your comments approved and read by the Gremlins Online community? Then follow these simple guidelines.

  • Take your time. If you have something you want others to read, ensure it is readable. The comments don’t need to be 100% grammatically accurate, but they should be written in a manner where anyone can read it, without it seeming you slammed your face into the keyboard a dozen times.
  • Don’t post unverifiable rumors. One of the reasons many posts are deleted, is that they are along the lines of “GREMLINZ 3 IS COMN OUT MY FREINDTOLD ME!” or linking to one of the many fan trailers on youtube. Once there is an official word on anything Gremlins related, I assure you, it will be posted here immediately, with sources!
  • Use Common Sense. If your post has nothing to do with the topic, or is just to rant about something non-gremlins related, don’t bother posting.

Basically it all comes down to if people can’t put the effort into following these simple guidelines, then we won’t put the effort into reading their posts.

That said, there have been a lot of fantastic posts that the entire community benefits from, and if this trend continues, we will definitely see a message board in the near future!


2 responses to “Gremlins ate my comments!

  1. coty February 17, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    that is the us date in japan and UK its sooner, in fact the goonies is available in the UK or eBay and is region free… i was so exited look at all my typos lol

  2. coty February 17, 2009 at 5:51 pm


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