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Gremlins Board Game by NECA

Heyas all!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but life has been busy.

Anyways I have a ton of info on the new Gremlins Board Game by NECA, as well as a break down by Aelia Petro, one of our regular readers and contributors! (click on the pictures for the full size image)

Game – Board: Here we have the entire board all set up for game play.


(More after the break!)

Game – Cards: The two types of cards, events and weapons.

Game – Theatre: The Movie Theatre during game play. Note the different face-up Gremlins, their different symbols and point values.
Game – Weapons: Various weapon cards, some of many! Note the different symbols, and movie stills.
The long awaited Gremlins game does exist!

After years of waiting for Neca to release a Gremlins game, I was thrilled to at last find an eBay seller that offered them not as a pre-order, but a regular in-stock item! Following the fastest and smoothest transaction I’ve ever had, the game was in my grasp (within three days of purchase! Wow! Including shipping it totalled $30.15). I hesitated for a moment when it came time to open it, considering if I should add it to my substantial collection unmolested, but being an avid gamer I quickly ripped off the cellophane.
Firstly, I was more than a little bit disappointed that the game lacked any kind of little Gremlins, or Mogwai movers (early descriptions of the game spoke of furry Mogwai movers). The only figures provided were four vaguely human shaped blobs that represent the four players in the game (and could be mistaken for bowling pins). Players move around Kingston Falls to locations that include the YMCA, Movie Theatre and Peltzer House, revealing events (such as “Gremlin Sabotage”, “Gremlin Vengeance”, and “Don’t Get them Wet”) all of which impact play in some manner (increasing the number of Gremlins, moving Gremlins, replenishing weapons/events etc.). Players also collect weapon cards (such as “Camera Flash”, “Sunlight”, “Snack Tray”, and “Microwave Oven”) which can be used to combat Gremlins. When a Gremlin is encountered, the player who discovers it compares it to the weapon cards in their hand, if they can match the symbols on the Gremlin token they kill the Gremlin. Players accumulate points by killing Gremlins, the more difficult they are to take out the more points they are worth. Stripe himself makes an appearance, and if you kill him, you win!

The simple approach makes it easy to learn and fast to play, and the references to various movie moments makes it quite enjoyable for any Gremlins fan. Geared towards younger gamers (doesn’t even use dice!) it takes moments to learn and as such could be deemed to a wee bit childish, but is nonetheless very entertaining. The Movie Theatre building includes a space entitled “Gas Pipes”, and if you have the corresponding weapon card you can blow up the theatre and kill all gremlins within! Despite the lack of cool little figures, I’m happy that I got my hands on a copy! I may be too generous in my evaluation because of my rabid fandom, but in my current gremlin-merchandise-deprived state I’m glad to get my hands on what I can 🙂

Sidenotes: There are no bilingual instructions included with the game, which may explain why it has not yet become officially available in Canada. Additionally, the cards that are provided with the game are extremely flimsy and fragile, I strongly suggest card protectors.

3 responses to “Gremlins Board Game by NECA

  1. Stripe the Gremlin October 29, 2008 at 1:11 am

    The Johnson-smith catalog sells the same game. Now for $19.97 I just wanted to add that for information purposes so people who might want it can get a nice deal on it. I am in no way affiliated with that website except that Im a fan of their catalog as a collector of pranks and novelty items myself. Here is the link to the site that they sell it on. Just type in “gremlins” on their search engine and it will find the game for ya. ~Stripe the Gremlin

  2. JP Cupertino September 4, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Each turn you may move up to six spaces. If you land on an Event, Gremlin or Weapon token, you must stop and either take an orange event card and do whatever it says, draw a purple weapon card, or battle a gremlin.

    Each gremlin has one or more shapes on it. (Circle, Triangle and/or Square) When you battle a Gremlin, you must discard one or more weapon cards to match the symbols.
    If you do not or cannot, you go back to town square and the gremlin goes to the theatre.

    Once stripe is defeated, the game ends. Whomever has the most points (shown on the defeated gremlins) wins!

    The game is competitive, but it could be easily modified for Cooperative play.

  3. Yehuda September 4, 2008 at 9:58 am

    How is the game played? What is a typical turn like? Is it cooperatve or competitive?

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