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What we want, Fred, is what everyone wants….

Aside from a feature fim contiunation of the Gremlins series, some decent merchandise to break our oft-neglected piggy banks open is right on the top of many a Gremlins fan’s list.

We have been getting some reports of new spifftastic T-Shirts, but sadly the vast majority of them have been quite uninspired, but for those who have been asking about what different designs have released, here are a few of the newest that have popped up on online retailers and the wonder of junk that is known as eBay…. (click on the pics for bigger versions)

First, we have some of what I feel are the worst uses of the Gremlins License so far….
grimrebel.jpg           wordtomogwai.jpg
             Stripe “Rebel”          “Word To Your Mogwai” 

gremlinshm.jpg           gremlins_its_good_to_be_bad-t.jpg
  “High Maintenance”      “It’s Good To Be Bad”

Ok, The “Rebel” shirt is probably the most atrocious of the designs, but it does gain points in my sticker book for being among the very few Mogwai Stripe shirt seen in many years. The “Word To Your Mogwai” shirt makes me cringe just thinking about it, and “High Maintenance” just is reminiscant of those black sequined shirts that were quite a rage for girls to wear that touted rebellious statements such as “Princess”, “Bitch”, “Spoiled”, “Sassy” or other pseudo-rebel propaganda. I personally can’t stand them, as to me they are a cry for attention from someone who obviously gets too much as it is.  Then again, they could have some ironic inside joke attached to the wearer of the shirts that of which, I am blissfully unaware. Either way, not my style. Moving on, “It’s Good to be bad” is much less annoying than the “Rebel” shirt, but still uses the same stock image of Stripe to convey the “rebelliousness” in us all. As much as I dislike the attitude these shirts have, I do enjoy seeing them in stores, and even more, seeing them on people out and about. It reminds me that Gremlins isn’t a forgotten franchise, and that it may have a decent life in the future…we hope…

Most of these shirts are only sold in girls’ sizes, and many are only juniors as well, so sadly, the more masculine among us will have to search elsewhere to get our ‘tude on.

Next up after the break, some depressingly bland shirts and a few Teriffic Timeless T-Shirt Treasures to watch out for!
(and maybe more aliterations!) 

Let us move right on along to some shirts that again, are quite uninspired, though they are nice if you haven’t found that gizmo shirt you have been looking for among the hundreds of slight variants that have been released since 1984.

img_233.jpg    gizmoringer.jpg  
 3rules.jpg  80sbluegizmo.jpg
“Three Rules”       “80’s Child”

Well there isn’t much to really say to describe this batch beyond….”eh”. We have Gizmo…..on a shirt. Hooray. While there is really nothing wrong, annoying or raunchy on them, there also is nothing that really makes them stand out. There have just been so much Gizmo merchandise, that it really makes this writer long for a decent Gremlin or two on his shirts. A few were released throughout the last two decades, but as kids loved to have cute and cuddly monsters on their apparel, the incredible majority had Gizmo’s smug mug planted all over them.  

On to the Treasures!
These are some of my personal favorite shirt designs that are all officially licensed. Well, I THINK they are offically licensed, and if not…shame on those that make these products. I hope a box full of starving jackalope rains down upon thier kneecaps. I am almost certain that is a terrible way to get your kneecaps gnawed on. Then again, I was certain that Timecop would be a fantastic movie. I was horribly wrong.

gremlins_80s_child-t.jpg                          80schildback.jpg
Front – Color “Child of the 80’s”    Back -Same shirt   

stripeshirt.jpg  gremlins2shirt.jpg


These three shirts are from my personal collection, and are probably my favored over all the designs I have seen. The “Gremlins on the go” and Gremlins 2 shirts both released around 1990 in glorious harmony with the movie. The other was made in the 2000s just because some company could do it and get money off suckers like me.

This is a shirt I had not seen before one of my recent eBay Excursions to find more gremlins junk. This seems to have been made in 1984 when the movie first released, and is one of the few I have seen with the heroic-yet-beleagured-at-times Billy Peltzer. This shirt rocks. It may even Rock Socks, but I feel it is a bit too early to deem it Sock Rocking Status-worthy. When our scientists get the results to me, I will inform you of this shirt’s status. Currently the preliminary status is “Nicholas Cage Rockitude” which, do not fret, still is a considerable amount of rockitude.

Well kids, we had fun today pouring over some shirts that probably won’t fit anyone reading this site, but maybe this will spark some discussion and interest, and someone will point us to an undoubtedly thrilltastic design that has only been seen by a choice few……

 ‘Till Next time

Stay crispy in milk!

4 responses to “What we want, Fred, is what everyone wants….

  1. DC July 5, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    Where did you find that ‘Gremlins To Go’ t-shirt? That’s great!

  2. Cecilia September 30, 2008 at 5:08 am


    It’s Cecilia Cano. I work in a textile company and we are thinking on launch some collections about Gremlins. The thing is that we must put on the labels the copyright and I don’t know which company is managing it. As it is an specialized website I thought that you could know it.

    Please, it would be gratefull if you give me some information.

    Best regards,

  3. Gizmo "BIG GEE" Mogwai September 4, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    i want the one with the mohawk gremlin on it, maybe i can get it from Ebay like i did with that gremlin toy i’m getting soon?!?
    -BIG GEE

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