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Updates on Gremlins toys and Family Guy mogwai!

One of our super Gremlin fans, Andrew, was awesome and informed me about Sunday’s episode of the cartoon Family Guy which had this beyond amazing clip……

So it looks like some of the writers/staff of Family guy are hardcore Gremlins fans.
1. They pronounced “Mogwai” correctly.
2. Peter feeds his Mogwai a chicken drumstick, the same thing that the Mogwai in the first Gremlins film ate.
3. The…..Gremlin… exterminated in the same manner as was one of the gremlins in what may be one of the most memorable moments out of the two films.
4. The rules are understood and not butchered. (i.e saying they can’t get wet after midnight)
5. Peter’s Mogwai is proportionately drawn and recognizable even while being a parody.

There were a couple updates to the site over the last week, while I have been dealing with some personal obligations.

-The Ride section updated with info and more pictures.
-Video Vault is getting cleaned up as we speak
-Video Games updated slightly

So, 2007 has the first serious rumblings of Gremlins 3 being actually made, it has an accurate parody of a Mogwai/Gremlins in a major television show, and from what a little bird told me, things are a little too quiet on the Gremlins merchandising front.

What does this all mean?
Nothing at all.
Unless you want to speculate, which is all kinds of good fun.
Then you can speculate that it is possible that the reason that there hasn’t been any Gremlins merchandise is there is interest in either
1. A new licensee taking over
2. The license for gremlins is in limbo.
or 3. They are gearing up for something.
It is not uncommon for a license to disappear for a short time before a major marketing push, while production begins on a new line of toys/shirts/dolls/books/posters. Companies like to refocus their energies all the time, to ensure that their money invested will be returned. This leads to a lull in shipping or production, as the new product is being prepared.

Then again, maybe the companies just decided to not make anything this year, and conveniently ignore requests at various official events to explain the absence of gremlins in their 2007 line-ups. Yes. That makes sense, ignore multiple people at multiple times on the same subject.

Sounds suspicious to me.

Remember this: Gizmo Furby was a big deal, and it was used to find out the market reaction to Gremlins being reintroduced to a newer market.

Folks this is a great news day, and there will be more to spawn here in the coming weeks around here, once certain tapes of the red variety get sliced through.

Remember you heard it here at Gremlins Online…
Something Will Be Hatching Soon.

2 responses to “Updates on Gremlins toys and Family Guy mogwai!

  1. Aelia March 19, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    The Simpsons also mentioned it, although it was brief… nothing compared to the Family Guy ref lol

    Here is the simpsons clip:

  2. Silvermoonlight March 14, 2007 at 4:12 pm

    Just a heads up if your interested, Zach Galligan (Billy) is going to be at the UK Collectormania doing autographs and such. Starts May 4th, ends 7th May.

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