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Fan Art Friday #9 & #10: Gremlins in the Interwebs!

I kept checking the wiring, the connections in the basement, and even outside by the cable box…but no gremlins were to be found, so I am at a loss on how to explain the last week’s random internet issues I have been having.
These issues kept my normally speedy connection down to something that reminded me of connecting to MUDS and BBS systems years and years ago. Somehow I snuck an upload in, so the fan art page was updated last friday, but I couldn’t get to post an update about it, so here it is, better late than never.

On the second of Februrary, I put up #9, byinfernoslight‘s art that he made for his girlfriend. What did he exactly come up with? I could explain it, but that would take some of the fun of the surprise away, now wouldn’t it?… (insert evil laughter here)

Today’s submission is Xax by Marsw, one of her own creations. She actually has a few different gremlins and mogwai that she has backstory and everything for, and hopefully we will get the opportunity to learn more of what dwells in her mind in the near future. 

Spider-man? What is he doing in Fan Art Friday?

Now that the gremlins have seemingly relinquished their hold on my internet connection (for the moment), expect to see a few new pages popping up very soon, with some new content never before explained in depth.

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