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{Rumor Mill} Update on Gremlins 3 status

Heyas all,

 Well I got in touch with Zach Galligan last night, and asked him if he had heard anything about a Gremlins 3 movie, and mentioned the rumors about direct to DVD, and here is a bit of what he had to say.gremlin3q.gif

“[I] Don’t know anything about Gremlins 3.
I do think it would be a mistake to do a straight to video film. Why would a big company like WB do that to a
fairly successful franchise? It doesn’t make sense to me. A big budget
remake would seem to make more sense.

Now this does not mean that there isn’t a Gremlins 3 in the works, DVD or otherwise, it just means Zach has not yet been contacted if there is one in the works . He also has not mentioned whether or not he would be interested in doing a new Gremlins project. In reality, a third Gremlins film could work without Zach, but I know a lot of fans would be very disappointed by the lack of Billy.

As for the Gremlins 3 section, it is taking a little bit longer to complete than expected, but I wanted to put this information up on the front page so you all can see what the story is so far.

Gremlins 3 News & Rumors


  • There have been various scripts and ideas for Gremlins 3, but nothing has been set in stone
  • Driector Joe Dante has no interest in a Gremlins film with CGI Gremlins – 2/5/07
  • Producer Mike Finnell will not be involved in a direct-to-video Gremlins film -2/5/07
  • Actor Zach Galligan has not heard official word of a Gremlins 3 – 2/7/07


  • Gremlins 3 is under development and will be released directly to video through Warner Premiere – 2/2007
  • Gremlins 3 will be made after the Goonies 2 and Scooby-Doo 3 are released, all of which will be direct to video. – 2/2007


  • Rob Lowe will star in Gremlins 3 – 2001
  • Stephen Berkoff will star in Gremlins 3 – 2001
  • Gremlins 3: Hatched is the title of  the new film (Gremlins 3: Hatched was simply the title for a fan story and fan made trailer)

There we go, let me know if you vigilant readers have heard anything else, and we will hopefully get to the bottom of this!

6 responses to “{Rumor Mill} Update on Gremlins 3 status

  1. mike March 13, 2007 at 9:41 pm

    Rather see a remake than a gremlins 3

  2. Aelia February 9, 2007 at 11:35 am

    I guess CGI could be applied to Gremlins, IF it was done right… but I’d still rather see puppets… If they had a high buget (enough to do the CGI right, like in Pirates) it would be ok I guess. On the one hand, using CGI might interest a new generation of kids to the franchise, you know how kids today are, they are only interested if it is CGI… if done right! Still got my fingers crossed that they’ll go with puppets, a return to the first style would be good in my opinion too, it scared me when I was a kid too! lol… the second one was funny, I think a hybrid would be ideal, little scary, little funny… what do you guys think?

  3. Mad February 9, 2007 at 9:31 am

    i’d like to see a lower budget (for WB anyway) part 3 that goes back to the style of part 1. i remember seeing part 1 for the first time and actually being kind of scared (although i was young). i’d really hope that they wouldn’t go cgi (for the campyness factor) and certainly not make it your standard teen movie (to prevent the suckiness factor).

  4. JP Cupertino February 9, 2007 at 9:30 am

    Interesting ideas gang, I love seeing this kind of discussion.

    I think a video game would be interesting, but it has been done with some degree of failure in the recent years, as the Game Boy Advance game was all but unreleased here in the US.

    From the people involved in the production of the unreleased PS2 video game, I am under the impression that Light and Shadow Productions still has the rights to the Gremlins video game license. The PS2 game looked…….interesting to say the least, and I think it would have been fun, but I feel it was straying quite far from the roots of the series.

    CGI Gremlins are probably the last thing that the franchise needs, but maybe it could be done right, with a combination of practical and Computer Generated assets, similar to the crew of the Flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest.

    I have no problem with CGI enhancing the film, but if it is the only type of gremlins/gizmo, it will bring down the immersion to a huge degree.


  5. Skeletor February 9, 2007 at 8:41 am

    As much as I would love to see a new Gremlins film I seriously think that a “low-budget-CGI-direct to video” Gremlins 3 would just hurt the franchise. Imho there are just 2 ways to restart the whole thing: 1. Shift the franchise to another media, preferably a videogame…how about a nice multiplayer game for the Wii? One player plays the human side and chases gremlins with a torchlight, the other one is playing the gremlin side building traps for the human(s)? Hey! I know…in my dreams.
    2. They redesign the Gremlins in order to fit into the CGI age and make it big budget with a completely new story.
    I guess the first way would be the safest for WB but I would prefer the second one, a fresh new beginning.

  6. Aelia February 7, 2007 at 6:47 pm

    Wow, you know how to get in touch with Zach Galligan? That’s pretty sweet. I’m sad to hear that he hasn’t heard anything, but it could be because they haven’t started to develop the idea yet… maybe, you never know. I wish I knew whether he would be interested in doing Gremlins 3, just out of curiosity… because if they could get the original cast back (or most of it) it would still be worth seeing! If we can’t have puppets, I guess I would settle for seeing the old cast back again!
    I’ve still got my fingers crossed for a decent Gremlins 3, Zach sees that a big budget would make more sense, maybe other people out there see the same thing…

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